02 August 2012


Was ever so kindly invited to the Zalora fashion show a few days ago for the Media. It was quite coincidental actually, receiving the invite after only the day before being chased around every single website by their adverts (HOW DO THEY DO IT!?) - very very smart! It's basically like an ASOS.. but for Singapore! You can even pay cash on delivery which I think is pretty awesome (having a little browse as we speak, I'm yet to place on order hehe, so exciting!). ANYWAY.

Did a little 'what should I wear' poll with you guys which proved very insightful! I'm so crap with decisions so THANK YOU for helping me out! I think everyone was getting sick of my 'decision' application on my phone always being my reason behind everything.

'windswept' shot trying to get an ok photo of the dress

And the winner was.... *drumroll* ...

RED! Wahoo! By a landslide! Second was gold followed by blue.

Babydoll hair!

Attended the show with Eric and the artistes from BEAM which was at Zouk! Haven't been there in ages (I'm such a party animal).

A very rare shot of Eric and I together - at last!

Not really sure if the chandelier is always there but it sure is pretty!

Check out Zalora here

Lots of love!

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