01 October 2012

Doctors Orders

Had. To. Be. Done. WHAAAAAAT IS THIS!?


Ok so from only writing one blog post last month (shameful I know - but I did instagram!) I went a little crazy trying to be a pro blogger and blogged about twice a day about fashion and mandarin and exercise and food but suddenly I realised.. I'm a singer! I shouldn't just be reviewing restaurants (although I loveeeeeeee doing that and probably will.. a bit.. maybe..) I should be sharing my day to days with you and feelings as well so from the bottom of my heart I DEEPLY APOLOGISE. As I've said in the past, I am no blogger, I merely rant when I have no direction with a blog post.. a bit like I am now. So PLEASE PLEASE twitter/comment/write to me and tell me what you prefer cause at the end of the day you know it is all for you guys (the most amazing amazing fans in the world).

But in other words, I have been busy. Busy busy. Secret stuff busy (how exciting). But all will be revealed soon! My last few weeks in Singapore were spent recording, eating, recording, eating. I lost a lot of weight for a role I was given and accompanied with working out began to deteriorate a little more than everyone had hoped for. So DOCTORS ORDERS were to go out and eat (healthily - well to a certain extent)

Me and my abs. My abs and I
KFC TAIME!! (My mum's idea I SWEAR!)

4 drumsticks each?! Oh no - that was only half the family bucket order (mum went a little crazy).

Note the second tray awaiting more food
You can almost see the pure sin in my eyes
So good indeed Colonel Sanders
How is KFC soooo amazing. If you handed me a plate of KFC chicken skin I'd still wolf it down (but don't tell, a lady should not reveal such things). Actually I just pictured the image in my head and it's profusely gross. I apologise.

Just when you thought we couldn't have had a worse post-doctor meal, we gaze over the balcony to see ..


I've actually not had many mooncakes in my life - only a few bits and pieces here and there from chinese teachers and such but man oh man have I been missing out! They were all SO delicious. I wanted them all! The ones from TWG were the first to go into my belly and this moonlight one was divine.


Mooncake money doesn't grow on trees and after trying a few chocolatey ones, fruit ones and other interesting concoctions etc etc etc I still found that my love for the original stuff (traditional ingredients) still burned strong. My taste buds are developing so much! So long ice cream mooncakes! (I will be back). The Cookie Museum had THE MOST AMAZING MOONCAKES!

The Princess Fu Rong is not only the prettiest mooncake I've ever seen, to my suprise, it was SOOOOOOO DELICIOUS!! So this was my chosen mooncakes for this years mid-autumn festival! But do recommend others to me cause it was so fun trying and the people were so sweet! They kept feeding me samples even after I had bought a case (maybe I really do need to fatten up :|). Mum and I bought some of the normal ones for Amah as well - she was so please (grand-daughter brownie points right there).

Then I did a bit more eating at various places but I really don't want to bore the pants off you.

SO I MADE A PHOTO COLLAGE INSTEAD :D (thats me in the middle, just FYI). And yes I did have the pesto pasta twice.

BUT HEY IT'S ALL TRAINING. After passing the 5,000 mark on twitter, as promised, I'll be attempting the Terminator Challenge at Roadhouse (eating a 1kg burger in under 20 minutes). And for those of you who don't know...

Source: http://melicacy.com/?p=3352 (and she did it in 16 minutes!)

This is what the baby looks like. Lip smackingly good. I'm not going to lie, I did my research and there are a few videos of guys failing online which doesn't make me feel too good about myself. But those who've known me from young have faith in me and a deal is a deal! BRING IT ONNNNNNNN.

I got sent this photo on twitter (I hope you guys don't mind) of these 2 brave lads taking on the challenge too but was mortified to find they only made it 3 and a half patties in! Oh my lorddddd.

So stay tuned to my twitter/instragram if you wanna see this little missy..

...take on that bad boy. The worlds messiest eater + that burger is not going to have a pretty turn out. Lets hope the restaurant is empty that day. But until then...

..my strawberry tart and I have got some intense training to do.

P.S. Remember to comment/twitter me about what type of blogging style you prefer! I'm completely clueless! And follow me on instagram for more photos of food (if you liked what you were seeing above ;) ), fashion, me being a weirdo, etc etc etc! LOVE!

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