23 December 2011


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MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! Hope everyone's having a lovely holiday season with their loved ones. Will speak soon after the next few days of festivities are over... Back to family time! 

Lots and lots of ♥


P.S. Just realised, the necklace in the photo with the tree is from FEMMEX!


20 December 2011

Things I Need In My Life

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Currently listening to: Atlas Hands - Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Thought I'd take a little look at the FEMMEX online store and GOOD GRACIOUS ME there are SO many gorgeous, beautiful pieces of clothing! Thought I'd do a little post on a few of my favourite items from the store. I still need to post some photos sporting my latest FEMMEX buys soon - I just can't get enough of their stuff! Check out more of their latest stuff by pressing Shop FEMMEX in the menu bar. You won't be sorry!

Ming xx

P.S. LOOK OUT FOR MY NEW SINGLE 'SWEET MISFORTUNE' OUT TOMORROW! AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD FROM MY WEBSITE: www.mingbridges.com - thank you for all your love and support!


18 December 2011


Loveeeeeeeeeee it!

Back from my trip to Taiwan! Was there (for the first time) to film my chinese music videos and hopefully improve my mandarin in the process. I think its safe to say that all goals were completed! Taiwan was amazing - I love night markets and it was literally crawling with them. Anyway - If you've been following me on twitter you're probably already sick of the million and one photos of food and market products I've been posting (and there have been a lot) so I'll just leave you with a few ...

Their 'MRT' tickets are little coins - SO CUTE!

It was very rainy so we got these umbrella's for the trip (for 3 dollars!) but I love them - they're super cute. I love the yellow!

Reminded me a bit of an Asian Times Square...

My cousin's and I at a beach outside Taipei. We did a day trip to the mountains and got to look around the area. I swear the food was so amazing everywhere. I feel that my taste buds have matured quite a lot over the last few years in a sense of trying more different things (and liking it) where as normally my body would reject anything foreign to the tongue (probably a mental thing more than anything though).

So fun! I was crap.

THE BIGGEST ICE CREAM I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! AND IT WAS ONE DOLLAR! ONE DOLLAR! I saw the sign for a 'jumbo ice cream' and thought "pffft, yeah right", but it actually was! I can't get over it! I need to go back again!

So cute! I literally have so many photos but I don't want to put them all up and clog your computer screens, hehe.

MY FAVOURITE! And yes I ate the whole box... and more...

I never really liked the bubbles in bubble tea. They had like really small bubbles here which were so yummy. Everything was so yummy! I love bubble tea now! And I have definitely used too many exclamation marks in this post!

Finally, here is a little sneak preview of the tiniest part of my set for the MV. The set was so amazing. I've never done a production of this scale before and I'm so happy to have gotten the experience of it and chance to do so. I just hope my acting was up to scratch. You can be the judge. I'm not allowed to leak too much unfortunately but trust me there are so many photos I wish I could share. We shot from 10am to 4:30am the next day and boy was I tired. Although it was hard work I had such a good time and everyone on set was so nice, caring and patient. I was really lucky to have such a wonderful group of people. I couldn't thank them enough for all the hard work and care they had put into the production - and also for helping me so much with my mandarin (no one wanted to speak to me in english :( ).

Thats my make up for the video - very clean! I was quite shocked as generally people put eyeliner on me. When I go out I generally don't wear any makeup unless its just eyeliner on my eyes so I felt very exposed having to take photos for the first time without it to be honest. But I'm so happy with the result and the look she created without it - hopefully I get to have this look more often.

Anyway that's all for now! I've been so busy I haven't had the chance to post about my sisters birthday and lots of other different things but NOW I AM OFFICIAL ON CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY, HORAY! So I'll keep you updated with more fashion posts in the days to come. Stay tuned!

Lots of love,
Ming xx

P.S: A teacher in my boarding school in England has passed away at 26. The man had been fighting cancer for a year and his braveness and strength to carry on is inspiring to all. His memory will not be forgotten. RIP Jimmy Higham.


07 December 2011

food glorious food

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Currently listening to - You Got The Love (The XX Remix)

The last few days have been filled with interviews, recording and lots and lots of food (I mean, lots). But unfortunately thats all coming to a halt when I get to taiwan (the apparent land of food) as I'm meant to be watching what I eat :( I think its time to hit the gym, haha.

Anyway, here are a few photos of stuff that has been happening:

I managed to scrap enough time together after recording to get all dolled up for the 987 RSVP Fashion Fast Forward event that took place at Mink!


Thats what I wore there! I loved the blue - its such a nice change from the safe black I normally wear when I go out, haha.


We went a little crazy taking photos in front of the laser lights hahaha, was a really fun night!

I also had my FIRST EVER chinese radio interview on 933. It went alright (I hope), I just couldn't really say all that I wanted to say with my chinese restriction which kinda urges me to want to improve faster. I hate knowing exactly how I want to answer something but have to limit myself to a one word answer cause I don't know how to say it! But they were super nice which make me feel a lot more relaxed - I was freaking out before!


The necklace I'm wearing is from the one and only FEMMEX. Very colourful which is why I adore it!


I also went back to 987fm again to record a session for 987 Home. It was really nice as it was my first opportunity to perform not only my single "I Want You Back" but my next single along with another song off the album. And people came to watch! Which was so sweet! To everyone who came I really hope you enjoyed the session. I had loads of fun. Will be sure to try and do more competitions in future! I am always so grateful for all your support <3


Eric Ng and I during our recording session for 987 Home.


Me and some of the loveliest people ever! Thanks again guys :)

 Hmmm what else has been going on ... my lucky streak continued when I won something (woohoo!) in a takashimaya lucky draw!


My cousin quickly took it off my hands...



We also had a small celebration for Jim's birthday after a recording session!


I love the fact that none of us are looking at the camera hahaha

Hmm.. apart from that the constant struggle to be healthy continues (if you've been following me on twitter, you know why). I've decided today is the day to start and it has resulted in me feeling very, very tired. :(. But the advent calendar chocolate is still on!



See you soon!

Ming xx


30 November 2011

The Dawning of December

WOOHOO! December is finally here!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWRi7gDYjVY?wmode=transparent]

But before I bombard you with christmas songs I thought I'd share a song that ALWAYS makes me think of snow. I had it on repeat when I was skiing last year and now I always think of snow and start feeling that cold, fresh sensation when I listen to it. Don't you love how your brain can do that?


Woohoo! PLEASE don't tell me you do not have an advent calendar. Its the only thing that keeps me sane while counting down to christmas, hehehe. Everything is so pretty and sparkley and for some reason, everyone just seems 'merrier'. I love getting gifts for people - its the best part. And I love watching people's faces on christmas day. For me Santa does it (Yes, I still believe). Ahh, I'm so excited for Santa! I want to watch Arthur Christmas and then go play in the Tanglin Mall snow!

Anyway just got back from the 987 studio where I did a short performance on the Shan and Roz show. They were so sweet! I love getting to perform the acoustic version of my single and am a regular listener to 987 so it was a great start to my day (and my december)!


Stolen off Shan and Roz's facebook page, hope they don't mind, hehe.

Anyway, me and the REM girls always have this dilemma. It becomes almost impossible to meet up due to our schedules being so different (I often long for the days where we'd spend every waking hour gossiping on set, they seem so far away now). So we managed to plan a little gift exchange session last week (I know, I know, november... but what could we do!!) which was really fun! It's so nice to be able to meet up and catch up with everything going on in our lives.


Us at Harry's bar at Dempsey with all our gifts!


It was really fun! I loved all my gifts, hehe. I think its going to have to become a yearly tradition, hehe. Jeri got us these really cute bracelets with our REM initials on, which was such a cute idea! So mine was an R, Jamie had E and Jeri had M. Cherlyn got given little clip things she can use at work with her name on it, one with our faces (cause she loves us sooooo much, hehe) and one with REM <3 Cherlyn (cause we love her too!).


I also got the chance to go to China for a few days! (I know, crazy traveling but trust me, It's just going to get even more crazier from here on out...). Rebecca (one of my best friends) is working in Tian Jin at Wellington College (the school I attended in england, but the secondary one in China!) so I 

got to go visit her and also try and improve my mandarin (I have a radio interview on 933 on monday, so nervous!). I also may be going to the school to work sometime next year to try and further progress with the mandarin speaking so it was good to have a look around and see some familiar faces of teachers from my old school who've now moved to China.


My old school, but in Tian Jin!

It was so funny, all the teachers there were doing 'Movember' which is when all the guys grow mustache's for charity during Novemeber, I think its just the most brilliant idea ever! Singapore should definitely catch on to that...


This is my favourite photo of the trip - the little kids there were SO CUTE!


And now for some shots of me and Rebecca with our ultra cool GRILLZ.


Don't worry, we didn't go out in public with them (people would have been too jealous of this level of coolness)

I'll show you what I did go out in though! This:


Hehehe. I can honestly say I've never worn something that short with a ski jacket - ever. And with that we were ready to hit up the clubs (or rather, one club) in Tian Jin!

After not really knowing what to expect we stumbled into what could have been mistaken for a fire - cause the amount of smoke was insane! It didn't take me long to have to go outside for air. When it comes to smoke I can usually tolerate it as I've grown used to hanging around people who smoke, but this was just crazy amounts! It's times like these when you become so thankful for all the things that Singapore has banned (such as the time I got stuck in chewing gum in Australia... but that's another story).


Rebecca givng the overall experience a thumbs down.

We also managed to go to Beijing for a shopping trip but I didn't manage to take any photos - too busy bargaining (I LOVE IT!!). Jamie had warned me how fun shopping in China was, hehe. 

Anyway that is it for the moment. I will be attending the 987 RSVP Fashion Forward event at Mink this saturday so hopefully will be seeing you there! I'll also be on 933 this monday at 7:30pm so stay tuned! But even better news, as its a new month, its a new shopping day at FEMMEX! HORAY! So I'll be heading down there this afternoon after my yoga session. Super excited!

Lots of love,

Ming xx


22 November 2011

Shocking Shirts and Hair with a Flare

I don't know if I love this song because of the song itself or that guys awesome dancing...

Anyway! Sorry to not have updated for so long, had a pretty amazingly hectic weekend this weekend, but more about that later. Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited down to FEMMEX for an interview! So that should be going up shortly - stay tuned! I love going down to the store, I love the music they play and the whole vibe and, just everything!

After finishing recording on thursday (of my chinese song that comes out in january, SO EXCITED - I realise I get excited about a lot of things, I need new words) I got to go over to england along with my family to see my sister and to also check out my ever so important university accommodation for next october at King's College London. Fortunately for myself that weekend just so happened to coincide with my sister's best friend's birthday party which is definitely worth blogging about (be ready to get VERY jealous). But first here is a shot of Aparnaa and I by some pretty lights in London!

You can see I've now gone on to doing dual photos to try and decrease my chances of my photos getting deleted again, hehe. Lets hope it works! Ok so lets start with the super cute invitations.

Cute right?! The theme was 'Shocking Shirts & Hair with a Flare' which I personally think is SUCH an original theme. I love theme's that give you freedom for creativity as well as being super duper fun. Basically it meant that guys had to get out their most outrageous shirts and girls got to go as crazy as they wanted with their hair. Some people went ALL OUT - I kinda wish I had done a little more to my hair but after always having my hair down and done as much as an afro as it can go, I thought I'd be different and put my hair up!

Tada! Ok now I don't really know how to proceed with this blog as there are a lot of things to mention and I don't want to drag on and I'm not sure how to put photo and picture together so... we'll see how this goes! I entered the place to be surrounded by REAL trees (over 400 real trees to be exact) and greeted by waiters in morph suits and monkeys running around and was almost hit in the face by a HUMONGOUS boxing rabbit. It was - INSANE.

Bianca and I - what a cheeky monkey!

Here's another photo of the whole place. I think they built this set in a warehouse but wow was it beautiful. 

They also had a stage set up for performances and such which was so cool! Made me feel like I was at one of those parties from 'My Super Sweet 16th'. Well to be honest this party could have easily been on that show except the birthday girl is definitely a lot more nicer and down to earth than most of them that I've seen haha. She's actually the loveliest girl. Anyway theres a photo of the giant rabbit I was talking about earlier...

There was so much stuff to do! I literally love games but I lost the saloon bar shoot out :. It was too much for me to have to draw the gun, pull the trigger and then shoot all together while holding a purse in the other hand. So, not my fault! (I'm such a sore loser with games). There was henna too and omg don't even get me started on the food. They had everything! And I adored all the mini food! Check out the cutest little hotdog ever!

They had these stunt jumpers who do all the movies like Casino Royale and stuff. I can't remember the name of the group but it was seriously impressive doing flips everywhere and from such great heights! They even did a flip over the birthday boy and girl! I love her dress, super super super super super stunning. It was her 18th and her brothers 21st.

There was this hypnosis called Tony Lee there and, and not really sure if I believe hypnotism but it was very entertaining. I can't post anymore photos as they got a bit explicit but some of the things he got people to do... maybe it just gets them so relaxed that they do things they wouldn't? I'm not really sure. But nevertheless, so so funny! They also had the winners of Belgium's got Talent there who were called Planet Jump Rope (If I'm correct) who were SO COOL they literally did like break dancing moves and backflips through the rope! There was also audience participation which is always fun... but after the hypnosis I decided I would be hesitant before participating in anything incase I got embarrassed, hehe.

Liv and myself watching the show, hehe. I'm normally not one to post camera photos but the bathrooms were portable and they were amazing! Like they had so many supplies that us girls need on nights out and it was so practical and helpful, haha. I know its a weird thing to talk about but definitely made a difference!

They also had a laser man and this magician called Simon who was amazing! He litterally looked at someones face and spelt out the name of their pet. It was crazy. And he told this guy to name him ANY item in a super market and then another guy to pick a random card. Then he went on youtube and typed in something along the lines of 'what are you thinking of' and the first video there was a video of the magician with super market trolleys (what the guy had said) and the card! IT WAS INSANE!! He did the same with asking someone to draw their favourite movie (to prove it wasn't voice activated) and then wrote on google "what is _____ thinking of?" and the images of the movie came up! He did other tricks as well but he was so so good. He is one of the best magicians in the world and he came all the way from Las Vegas!

And Like I mentioned before, there was SO MUCH FOOD!

Yayyyy candy bar! Where I spent most of my night, hahaha.

So yummy! And look at the mini ice cream's they had! Everything was just so well presented!

They also had a F1 Mclaren driving simulator which I failed majorly at. I kept crashing as soon as I got up to 3rd gear. I think I better stick to Mario Kart. My friend George got up to 6th gear and didn't crash - I'm not going to lie, I was a little jealous, hehe. The guy running it told me that I'd make a good passenger if not a driver. I wasn't very impressed :(.

Andddddddddd there was a photobooth! I LOVE photo booth's, they are so fun!

George (well, one of my best friends. More like my partner in crime, hehe) and myself!
There was other things as well including people doing big hair styles and more (lots more) food. It was just such a stunning party, I had a lot of fun and I was super lucky that my visit coincided with the party!

Anyway, I think that is more than enough for one post! Hope you enjoyed reading!

Love love!

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