19 April 2014

Dancing Queen Diaries - Week 2

As promised!

Here's another lovely compilation of a few of my dance classes this week. I'm getting there slowly - I can now do a turn without falling on my face which in my books is a great success!

I now get a weeks break to see my family for Easter - yippee! Hope everyone's having a lovely Easter weekend with their loved ones.


13 April 2014


Source: Revelation Creative House

So I flew back to Lion City on Friday to celebrate the Songkran water festival in Singapore at WAVEHOUSE! At first I was a little taken a back after looking at the line up ... everyone was a DJ, AKA. MAJOR club dance music and I was, ermm, not so much. Still, I was over the moon with the chance to perform and took it as a challenge to still try and get the crowd going with my more pop-ish numbers. So logically I went for the danciest numbers I had!

Far East Movement at soundcheck. They sounded AMAZING. I always forget how much I love dancing - I rarely go clubbing because of all the alcohol and late nights but I literally LOVE dancing - my body was going crazy trying to sit still and all professional-like.

Soundcheck was long. Like 3 hours long. Luckily the family decided to join me as I was only in Singapore a few days.

Hot weather. Coconuts gone.

Finally up on stage! I'm not gonna lie, I did feel a bit awkward after all that heavy bass stepping on. I imagined later I'd feel a bit like how maybe Taylor or Hilary would feel playing at a club. Had to keep my confidence up!

Michelle at SG <3 FACE at Holland Village is a miracle worker. I always leave feeling like Cinderella!

Show time!

Credit: Jamie Ho

Credit: Jamie Ho

Water was being thrown left right and centre. I was lucky not to get soaked but I unfortunately can't say the same about my poor mother who was CHASED by a water gun!

Credit: Jamie Ho

I had such a great time! I felt like a little pop princess coming on after all the "GET YO ******* HANDZZZZ UP" stuff being all "hi guys!", but I still werrrrked the dancing the best I could! I mean the dance music was amazing but I'm glad I stayed true to my music and didn't spontaneously try and get cool (I'm really not a very cool person - I'll have to work on that.. one day).

Far East Movement! What performers! I was at the stage side dancing my butt off! I really wanted to be in the crowd though. You just know people are watching you go crazy solo being like whaaaat.... but it was all too good not to!

Got home in the early hours of the morning with my family. It was a weird feeling like we'd all just been clubbing together or something. Only thing to do was make a post-night out meal! NOODLE TAIME!

Mum and I then snuggled up and watched the latest episode of SCANDAL. Decided to wait 'til after the performance to make it extra special (All the gladiators out there will relate). Who else watches the show? I rarely watch TV shows but this one has me hook, line and sinker.


08 April 2014

Hong Kong Asia Music Festival 2014

Hey hey hey hey hey.. So I've just received the photos from my little trip to HONG KONG for my first performance ever there for the HKAMF 2014! So much fun! Thought it deserved a little blog post (how good have I been at blogging, eh? I think it's going to become a daily thing!).

NEW FLAVOUR!? Instantly snapped chat my other half Bianca Bridges. Like minded sisters.

The gang! 

I LOVE my new Elizabeth & James suit - so fun and sophisticated. Also the fact that it's by Mary-Kate and Ashley just makes me feel so... so? Good?! HAPPY!

Rehearsals were fun. Huge stage, AMAZING sound system.

The press-con was kinda funny. I don't speak cantonese so I was sat with the Japanese guys laughing and clapping and applauding pretending we understood what was going on. It was quite nicely done. We all brought a gift to represent our countries and picked blindly a country to give them to. It was such an honour to represent Singapore and meet the artists from the other countries!

I walked away with traditional masks from Korean group N-SONIC! Was so happy (and the other artists were pretty envious of my gift, hehe!)


Showtime! We were told to come at 3:30pm for a full run through but, as per usual with such big events, things overran and the full dress had to be missed meaning we were in our changing room from 3:30 'til showtime at 8pm! THE ONE TIME I DONT BRING BOOKS! They accommodated for everyone with individual rooms for each performer + team which was sweet!

I forgot to take a selfie but here is a sneak peek of my snazzy ensemble!



Credits to Daddy Bridges for this one - flew in in time to watch my performance. So sweet! He whats app-ed this to our family whatsapp group saying "who is this chick?!" - makes me laugh every time.

Made some lovely friends. Congratulations to Hong Kong - stunning, gorgeous, friendly girl J.Arie. We are so hitting Universal Studios when she's next in Singapore!

N-SONIC boyzz

Two sweethearts from Japan, brothers Jiro and Taro. Also defers meeting up with them next time I'm in Japan - they were so fun! Mad guitar skills.

 I was STARVING by after-party time!

This is 1/8 ... 1/8 OF THE FOOD. The leftovers. Holy moly, we demolished. I can't control myself at self serving sort of things so I try and fill up with my favourites early on (hello veggies!). I've discovered the skinny secret! Everyone takes like, A BITE of everything. HOW!? I wish I could do that - I'm learning slowly though - hello intuitive eating! I need to learn to slow down and enjoy the chewing processes a bit more I think..

Death by marshmallow bunnies.




I'm on 9:20 before Far East Movement on the 12th April at WAVEHOUSE!!

Can't wait to see you guys there <3


06 April 2014

Lazy Saturday Markets

I spend far too much time looking at blogs. I'm such a fan of blogs such as the actors diet where they literally just post every single thing they eat, leading me to the conclusion that I really do have a problem with food. ANYWAY.

Went to try the dinner buffet at the hotel yesterday and came across this tasty concoction. Now, all the ingredients make it look SUPER healthy but whether or not they've added things unseen to the human eye (probably) is unknown. I've learnt in these cases its best to just, hope for the best instead of stressing out (which is probably even more unhealthy).

I LOVE SWEET POTATO AND COCONUT MILK. Asian desserts are so good!

Took a walk through Tong Hua market after dinner - oh my god the puppies.

The biggest incentive to move here.

And this!? ICE CREAM! 

How cool is that!? Everyone was stopping to get them and take photos - too bad I was full.

I did stop by and get a taro milk tea - it was so delicious. I love how they have calorie count for the tea's hahaha.

Anyway! After a hard weeks worth of dancing mum and I enjoyed our beautiful hot Saturday (the weather here is so unpredictable!?) at Jianguo Holiday Flower Market.

Couldn't decide which photo I loved more!

Is it only Taipei that's obsessed with baby doggies!?

If you're living in Taipei and you want a dog (this little cutie is called Carrot Cake) do check out the website below about adoption.

We ended our walk in what we were told was the 'Central Park' of Taipei. Probably because it's the biggest park in Taipei, hah!

Does that make Botanical Gardens the Central Park of Singapore?

Ended the day post-hot yoga at Maple Maple cafe, originally shown to me by my friend Alan and his girlfriend. The told me there was this amazing organic restaurant and gave me the address in mandarin so the first time I went I decided I'd just hop in a taxi and show the address. 30 seconds later I was dropped right in front of my favourite bento place like 100meters from where I was. This cafe was opposite it. What!?!?

Had organic pasta salad bowl followed by some organic fish. Actually the first time in ages that I've had pasta by choice without it being a binge or freaking out about carbs. I'm proud of myself! I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.

And so did mummy bridges with her organic wine (which came from a little dispenser machine - SO COOL).

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