08 April 2014

Hong Kong Asia Music Festival 2014

Hey hey hey hey hey.. So I've just received the photos from my little trip to HONG KONG for my first performance ever there for the HKAMF 2014! So much fun! Thought it deserved a little blog post (how good have I been at blogging, eh? I think it's going to become a daily thing!).

NEW FLAVOUR!? Instantly snapped chat my other half Bianca Bridges. Like minded sisters.

The gang! 

I LOVE my new Elizabeth & James suit - so fun and sophisticated. Also the fact that it's by Mary-Kate and Ashley just makes me feel so... so? Good?! HAPPY!

Rehearsals were fun. Huge stage, AMAZING sound system.

The press-con was kinda funny. I don't speak cantonese so I was sat with the Japanese guys laughing and clapping and applauding pretending we understood what was going on. It was quite nicely done. We all brought a gift to represent our countries and picked blindly a country to give them to. It was such an honour to represent Singapore and meet the artists from the other countries!

I walked away with traditional masks from Korean group N-SONIC! Was so happy (and the other artists were pretty envious of my gift, hehe!)


Showtime! We were told to come at 3:30pm for a full run through but, as per usual with such big events, things overran and the full dress had to be missed meaning we were in our changing room from 3:30 'til showtime at 8pm! THE ONE TIME I DONT BRING BOOKS! They accommodated for everyone with individual rooms for each performer + team which was sweet!

I forgot to take a selfie but here is a sneak peek of my snazzy ensemble!



Credits to Daddy Bridges for this one - flew in in time to watch my performance. So sweet! He whats app-ed this to our family whatsapp group saying "who is this chick?!" - makes me laugh every time.

Made some lovely friends. Congratulations to Hong Kong - stunning, gorgeous, friendly girl J.Arie. We are so hitting Universal Studios when she's next in Singapore!

N-SONIC boyzz

Two sweethearts from Japan, brothers Jiro and Taro. Also defers meeting up with them next time I'm in Japan - they were so fun! Mad guitar skills.

 I was STARVING by after-party time!

This is 1/8 ... 1/8 OF THE FOOD. The leftovers. Holy moly, we demolished. I can't control myself at self serving sort of things so I try and fill up with my favourites early on (hello veggies!). I've discovered the skinny secret! Everyone takes like, A BITE of everything. HOW!? I wish I could do that - I'm learning slowly though - hello intuitive eating! I need to learn to slow down and enjoy the chewing processes a bit more I think..

Death by marshmallow bunnies.



  1. You should have brought durian to represent Singapore :P

    1. I think I would have been refused entry on the plane!! Hahaha

    2. You'll make an impression everywhere you go :D


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