04 April 2014

Not So Average Wednesday Evening In Taipei

So from time to time I like to try and get a balance between work and social life (currently 5/95 split). I like to think of myself as a bit of an introvert as an excuse for actually just being plain ol' tired after a day of dancing.

But who could say no to this cute face! Meet Jane - my best gal pal in Taipei and one of the sweetest girls I know.

Look at the Mermaid Ming she MADE (yes, MADE) for my birthday! AHH!

Anyway, the plan was for all of us to meet up and try a vegan place in Taiwan. At first all the boys were like 'yeah, yeah, vegan - I can do that' but.. you know the drill. Jane and I it was! "THERES NO STEAK?!"didn't quite make the cut!

Thank gosh for english translations! Not quite there yet.

They're so cute! From 7/11 here - they always have such cute promotions! Taiwan has like, 4 different kinds of convenient stores. My favourite one is Family Mart just because they have amazing stoned heated sweet potatoes, mmmm.

YAY VEGGIES! The lady said it was the first time someone asked her for a bibimbap without rice, go figure. I really need to start learning to like plain rice being in Taipei..

Little vegan propoganda. Jane says Gandhi does NOT count hah!

They really do love their animals here - so cute!

No wonder this place is DOG FRIENDLY which means they have little goodies for your pets. OH MY GOSH - the pet stores here are insane. Like, filled with the most adorable puppies you will have ever seen in your life. I would like to do a post on it but.. It's just too much for me to take going in there without leaving with one around my arms. Little puppy + vegan food however sounds like a winning combo. Way to go, Taiwan!

We then proceeded to meet 2 of the boys for some boardgames.

This one looks interesting.

So all the games were in, er, mandarin. And this was the only one we recognised. ANGRY BIRDS IT IS!

It was pretty hard but I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't pretty good. Infact, I ended up winning HEHE HORAY FOR MEEEE!

In action.

We tried some other games which were a bit of a fail but then, as if sent down from the heavens, my favourite was found...

I DEMOLISHED. 3 out of 5! BOOM!

Was so nice seeing this lovely lady again.

Until next time

Ming xx


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