28 April 2012

Fashion Food Frenzy

I know I normally post guitar stuff but this song makes me feel so happy!

Hello!! I know blogs are generally supposed to have some sort of direction. I feel overwhelmed sometimes when I dive into food, travel, music, events, funny things - is it all too complicated? Was talking to mum about making a blog with different sections but that wouldn't work as I usually just blog one big chunk of things together haha. I hope you guys enjoy reading about my day to day life! It's fun keeping a little journal..

ANYWAY. Enough on my little reflection. This is gonna be a long post.. (and its only been 4 days since the last one :|).

I often pass and have been dying to go into Paradise Dynasty on the top floor of Ion (just because I'm such a big dim sum lover and they advertise so profoundly 8 FLAVOR XIAO LONG BAO'S!?!

Convinced the parentals (yes, once again, dinner with my parents) to come with me to try and boyyyyyy was it yummy!

Inline image 2
A not so attractive shot of me digging in (thanks mum).

This was shortly followed by me attempting to err.. gracefully chug down my chinese tea (be careful, the pink one is SPICY HOT!). And if that wasn't enough, due to my recent (over) obsession with the ladyironchef's blog, we (yup, me and the parents) decided to go try one of his best recommended dim sum places - Yan Ting.

Inline image 3

Now here I was thinking "damn this is going to be so expensive", but actually, the cost for the dim sum menu isn't too bad! AND it was super super super yummy. Normally my dad doesn't do too well having chinese food twice in a row (to me and mum's disappointment) but he absolutely adored this. It was really fancy too - definitely coming back with my amah, hahaha.

Inline image 4

Everything was amazing but my favourite was the Char Siew Sou which was lip-smacking good. Literally had to hold myself back from eating the whole plate clean (yes, that good). I have a big problem with food. If its there, I have to eat it, even if I'm full. Greedy guts :(.

Hello Edgefield Secondary School! (Awkward weird-chicken-arm pose below)

Inline image 5

They all lined up to see that doofus above! WHAT! Everyone was so, so sweet and happy and excited which made me very happy and excited! I've never had people do that for me.. I'm really glad that so many people are enjoying my singing and what I'm doing - its you guys that keep me going so, thank you. 

Inline image 6

MWAH! Love each and every one of you!!

Inline image 7
Love polaroids! Did a little screenshot from my instagram - super cute!

Had to scurry away very fast after some photos (which SUCKED! Can't wait for the autograph session where I'll get more time with you lovelies!) to go for a music rehearsal AND THEN on to get hair and makeup done. Hair and makeup is no joke, it takes a long, long time to do my hair before going to an event due to it being so fine and super straight. I don't dry my hair. On normal days, I get out of the shower and thats it - leave it to dry - au natural. I guess I'm very lucky to have straight hair, although I'd rather it be volume-y and curly.. but I guess we all want what we don't have. I should be very grateful that my hair is so stress free! My fringe however is NOT (stress free, that is)!

Inline image 9
YAY curly hair!!

Beautiful dress, compliments of RED Valentino (for the RED Valentino fashion show - the first ever in the world!).

Inline image 10

Located at the old Tanjong Pagar railway station - apparently the first event to be held there. Beautiful.

Inline image 11

Everyone was busy chatting outside the front so I thought I'd take the opportunity to be a bit of a loner and go in and snap some photos (what a dedicated blogger I'm becoming!). Luckily, I was escorted around the premises and told some amazing facts about the place. I was also pointed out where the old Malaysia Singapore border was! Was pretty cool. I did manage to get some photos outside too although haven't had any access to them! Here's one my friend June posted on facebook.

Inline image 12

Annnnnddddddddd LIGHTS!

Inline image 13
Inline image 14
My luminous pinky, hahahaha - oh how silly.

Then came A LOT of photos (I won't bore you). Their whimsical spring/summer dresses and outfits were to die for. All very cute and girly, but at the same time oozing sophistication.

Inline image 15
My favourite.

Inline image 16

Female and NuYou did an amazing job on the event. Spectacular and finished too soon. The only problem was, due to it being a derelict building, air con resources were limited and everyone was sweating like crazy. I didn't notice at first as I have this thing (I tried to explain it to one of the organizers who in turn thought I was completely crazy) where if I keep saying to myself that it's cold, I won't feel hot. And it worked, well, for a while. 


(Still with me?)

Inline image 17

WANTED to make the picture on the left (lemon blueberry drizzle bread) BUT ended up making the picture on the right (tuna tabouli) after a night of skinny minny models - probably did me some good. Although, mine didn't look quite as nice..

Inline image 18

Hahaha, mmmmm. I don't even know what that looks like! But at least it tasted good?


Inline image 19

Performed at ELLE's Women In Music event! It was such an honour being part of such an amazing line up, and for such a great cause. We are so lucky (us women) to be living in a society where we get a chance to live a life free from limitations that so many people around the world still face. And we forget, as it doesn't happen around us. To be able to perform for such a good cause and help spread the message was amazing. The work these women are doing to help others out there in less economical countries is astonishing and I admire them so much.

Inline image 20
Me and three super talented women!

And some of you guys came to support me which was so sweet!!

Inline image 21

I really cannot express how much it means to me, you guys are truly truly amazing and make me smile so much. I really hope my music makes you smile as much as you make me smile cause you make me smile pretty damn much! This guy fainted twice due to low sugar blood levels and still didn't leave to support me - HOW SWEET IS THAT!??! I couldn't believe it :(. He should have gone to rest, but that is so, so sweet. AHH TOO MUCH SWEETNESSSS!!

Inline image 22

I've never been someones background before, this is super sweet too (I really need to find more adjectives to use, hahaha). I've also never seen that much battery life on an iphone - I guess I'm used to constantly staring a phone which is always about to run out of battery, hahaha.

Ok going to cut down on photos so you guys may actually stand a chance of completing this post (sorry its so long!!).

MY FIRST GREEK RESTAURANT EXPERIENCE IN SINGAPORE (thank you jamie for the suggestion!)

Inline image 24

Blu - on Bukit Timah road. I dressed in blue to match the theme (lame) - my first unplanned day in a few months, how crazy is that! But anyway...

Inline image 25

The food was absolutely delicious, I am 100% going back the next chance I get. Yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy. Once again had to hold myself back from finishing everything. Would definitely recommend going with a few people so you can order lots of things to share! I LOVE sharing food! You get to try so much more stuff that way.

And about the Skinny Pizza and Apple Cider from my last post..

Inline image 26

Well I finally went back to try it to see if it really was all that healthy and 'skinny'..

Inline image 27


Inline image 28

I STILL don't know! Hahaha. BUT it was yummy! I scoffed it down, I love mozzarella cheese and the fact that the pizza crust was so thin made it quick, easy and light. Me and mum had a little fun dressing up the apple cider, haha. Maybe I get my weirdness from her, hehe. Cute!

Inline image 29

We also enjoyed a yummy Tau Sar Pau (oh no, I don't know how to spell it :( ) and a lemon ricotta cheesecake, mmmmm.

Inline image 30

Don't you just love before and after shots? Under 30 seconds. I am the fastest eater I know and it annoys me that I'm so fast (or people are so slow) because I end up eating so much more than everyone else! My future boyfriend is gonna have to be a damn fast eater, or at least teach me how to slow down, hahaha. 


Inline image 31
Source: tumblr

Makes me laugh SO MUCH! It's soon to be may - where is the year going!? Looking forward to my autograph session on the 25th and seeing lots of you there. I really want to meet all of you and let you know how much you mean to me. I'm super excited!! After a few months of hard work I now have a little break and a chance to relax with the fam and get some more inspiration for new songs. Looking forward to it.

Lots of love,
Ming. xx


Here's a little video I made for you guys. I'll try to make a few more with the clips I've collected but I hope you like it!!


24 April 2012


pretty coooool huh.

Ok. My new goal is to start using a camera again. I used to be the camera queen, they used to beg me to put the camera away and now everyone's like.. "What!? You DIDN'T bring your camera!?". People can't make their minds up! Anyway, the plus of this is that I've been vigoursly getting the full use out of my amazing iphone which I love very much, but the bad news is that my photo taking has gone down a lot and there's a lot less to blog about (or it would bore you all way too much.. but I'll see what I can do, hehe).

Anyway, lets start off with a little FEMMEX indulgence..

Apologies, forgot to smile in the first one but I thought the kill me stare was a good change from my constant goofy smile, haha.

I LOVE THIS DRESS. It has puffy shoulder-puff-booster-things which are so cool! Can be made to look casual or smart, which is great. I love my day to night dresses and this has definitely been added to the collection.

This bracelet is cool too. Well, its really cool actually. I've just paired it with everything this week.

OK so people have been asking me why I've been randomly popping up at various schools so just to explain, I've been scraping in on 100.3fm and Xiaohan laoshi's chinese roadshow where they've been going round to some schools and showing them how fun it is to learn mandarin! It's been pretty funny actually, they've gotten everyone to write lyrics to like, LMFAO songs and such, hahaha. Everyone must have thought I was some weirdo hanging round the sides laughing my butt off and trying to hide it at the same time, oops. But anyway! I get to talk about why I've enjoyed learning mandarin and also sing a song which has been really fun. And then comes the best part ... 

Sorry for the stolen pictures from twitter/facebook! Forgive me!

Anyway, this is the best part because I get to meet ALL YOU LOVELY (LOVELY) PEOPLE! And you're always so smiley. So sweet. And you don't mind that I'm shy. Which is great!

And you give me nice things, when there really is no need... it's amazing enough as it is getting to meet all of you. Look how cute the tarts are! It was so funny, I had eaten breakfast before and as soon as there was a buffet, I sat down as I had already eaten, and everyone else brought me one plate of food EACH! And then didn't eat anything themselves! I was like WHAT! What am I supposed to do!? So I indulged a bit. It was all very yummy, strawberry tarts are my fav fav <3

A very satisfied Ming..

From a facebook tag

So on wednesday 'It's A Small World' premiered our cooking showdown episode - man oh man was I nervous while filming. I think we all were. It was my first time ever properly cooking FOOD. I mean, I adore baking but proper 'dinner time' food was a whole new level of kitchen skills to me. I still don't know how I managed to win, I mean, I was scoffing down Michael's chicken pot pie off screen, hahaha.


We had a little gathering over at Mike's house to watch the episode - so nice seeing everyone again! I baked some brownies especially for the occasion (and ended up eating most of them - urgh, I'm gonna need to join some sort of boot camp soon, no will power what-so-ever!).

I brought little salmon things as well (this is where my iphone fails me - flash). I literally love gatherings because gatherings = food + games. Who could ask for more!

Had a little bonding time with the parentals as well.. I swear I don't know anyone who spends as much time with their parents as me hahaha. I think they can't wait to get rid of me! Speaking of which, I really need to learn to drive... 

HOUSE at Dempsey! I did a photoshoot here AGES ago and thought that this place was so gorgeous and quirky, but never actually had a chance to go back! Although they did forget to bring me my green tea, they made up for it with their amazing meals.. BUT what I really want to do is go back for their afternoon tea. The problem is, it's only on Thursdays and Fridays, and I always remember on Saturday... doh. -_-"

Singapore really needs to start putting the calorie count on things. I'm having a hard time believing that this cider and pizza can actually be good for you. Well I guess there's only one thing to do - go back and try it!

Mum and I also had a little bonding time together and went to a cooking class, very fun :). I love learning to cook. It's so rewarding, I guess, because you can eat the end result hahaha.

Cute! Wooden Spoon!

Adorable goodie bag to take home!

Ok, I really need to start blogging more. My posts may actually start getting smaller if I do that. These literally take me an hour (and I'm a ridiculously fast typer - thanks MSN) and I'm very thankful to anyone who has actually made it this far, what is wrong with you! (jokes jokes, if you have, big kisses to you!)

Lots of love to you all, hope you're having an amazing week! Have a very busy next few days, but hoping to see some of you thursday night!

See you there?

Ming xx

P.S. I know we couldn't 'cover the night' in Singapore but I hope everyone who wanted to found a way to help the Kony 2012 Invisible Children project! 


09 April 2012


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJLkcPhVi9w?wmode=transparent]

One of my favourite bands <3


Wooooooooooooooooo! How cool is this!? I went to FEMMEX the other day and BOOM! There I was!! Seriously amazing, it was so fun working with FEMMEX for this shoot, the cutouts came as such a surprise! My sister was like ... is that you!? I was like AHH ITS ME! Crazy. Theres a really cool booklet of the collection as well, the clothes are amazing! They've done it in a shape of a vinyl, really cool. You can get them at FEMMEX!

Anyway.. how is everyone! Hope everyones been having an amazing easter with their family and friends. It's been a great easter for me, happy as I've been able to spend time with my family and friends but sad as the filming for 'It's A Small World' has now come to a close :(. It's been such an amazing project and I am so honoured and lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of kind, friendly, hardworking people. Thank you all for making my experience so unforgettable and helping me with my chinese, haha! Going to miss them all so much.


A few of us out for HOTPOT after the last recording!


The girlies!


HOT POT! Yum yum yum yum yum.


Gah, I love my coconut. First time in ages having it, haha. Everyone said I looked like a cute little girl eating it and that I didn't even look like a teen, oh dear. At least I enjoyed it? Hahaha.




Bianca's nails, so cute!

NOW currently with my family celebrating easter and I couldn't be happier :). Still working (of course) but its nice to be able to spend time with them, I love family time so much!


Grandma's easter surprise!! So sweet <3



First one in so so long! Was super fun! The eggs shown above were really cool as the shells were really egg shells but then inside was full truffle chocolate. AMAZING! Really cool. Took me ages to crack open though, haha.


and more chocolate.... 

I haven't eaten that much chocolate in many many years, and its finally convinced me to maybe... not over eat all the time. 


FINALLY had time to go watch The Hunger Games. FANTASTIC! Although the book was better (it always is - so much more detail), I was very very pleased with the movie. I really enjoyed it and even shed a few (or maybe a little more..) tears. I'm too much of a sap with movies! Great cast. Thought they presented the story very well and the things they had to change wasn't too bad. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tn_Vr1xhPg?wmode=transparent]

15 in the charts this week! If you'd like to help vote you can by texting! To vote text: LHB <space> 马赛克世界 <space> Ming Bridges <space> voter's name <space> voter's ic no.

to 72346!


Now its Crepe time!!! (Bianca's excited!)

Talk soon, stay happy :)


P.S. Tune in to 'It's A Small World' every 8pm on Channel 8. Seriously interesting, seriously funny.

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