31 October 2011

Wild Thing

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11mkTm0WpBU?wmode=transparent]

I love the music video, it's so cute! My favourite song at the moment...

Anyway! I'm going to try and keep this post shorter than my normal rants.


Celebrated my 19th with a few friends at Raffles in Chelsea. One of my friends and my Sister organised the whole thing for me - super super sweet! I'm a very lucky girl.


Bianca and I also went to see BRITNEY SPEARS live in concert! She may not have been all she used to have been but it was so amazing. I am not ashamed to admit that I was holding back my tears when she came out. I mean, it was BRITNEY SPEARS! I couldn't believe it! She completed my childhood!

I love live performances. I love the costumes! The stage set-ups were amazing.


This was my favourite costume! The costume lights up with red lighting down the sides. Amazing.

Anyway I thought I'd talk about my favourite trend this year which is (dundundun...), leopard prints! I think prints are gorgeous and an amazing way to make someone stand out. Especially with a plain outfit I love throwing in prints to add something different. My favourite is animal prints but I love florals and houndstooth as well. When leopard prints came back into the eye of fashion a few months ago I was OVER THE MOON. I think I've stocked up on enough leopard print items for life. Its hard to find good prints. I'm not one to go all out and wear a huge leopard print coat but I enjoy classic pieces of print. I've attached a few photos at the bottom that I've just scanned my computer for!

Off to FEMMEX tomorrow to source out new finds!

love love!



25 October 2011

Platform 9 ¾

After a shocking last post I'm going to try and keep this short, sweet and limit the photos.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5dFe-WKuPs?wmode=transparent]

Loving this song at the moment.

Orlando was AMAZING. My family and I are very serious about theme parks. We plan what rides we are going to go to (so that we can run from one to another) and get there before the theme park opens. Hence after a grudging race between 2 middle aged couples (a husband and wife literally FOUGHT to get to harry potter land in front of me! A little girl!) I was the first one on the ride :). They made the simple error of bringing bags which would therefore have to be put into lockers... lucky we think these things through beforehand, huh? ;)

BEST RIDE I HAVE EVER, EVER BEEN ON. I'm so lucky to have gone. Thank gosh for my good exam grades (Woohoo!)


ME AND MY SISTER IN HOGSMEADE!! I have such a new appreciation and love for bodysuits - so so comfortable to wear! And i adore neon! I think a little bit of it brightens up any dull outfit.


Hogsmeade looked so authentic! I wanted to cry at how happy I was - such an amazing experience. I love how theme parks have the power to bring something magical to life. We went to two theme parks while being at universal - Universal's Island of Adventure and Universal Studios. Both amazing. Apparently when Harry Potter land first opened the queue went all the way to OUTSIDE the themepark. How insane is that!?


My mum and dad decided to skip the water rides. We, err... didn't.


We had to stand in one of those dryer rooms for about 15 minutes after this. What a blunder. You can see my sister is my best friend. :) Hehe, I love this photo...


But not as much as THIS PHOTO. Brave girls, hahaha!


Ok I'm starting to get scared of my photo limit so I'm posting two together! Thats us in Marvel Island and, omg! For the first time the RIDE STOPPED half way through! Unfortunately it was the only ride mummy dearest decided to go on and, incidentally, she freaked out. Good thing we were on the ground huh... I couldn't imagine if it had been a roller coaster. :|


I know for a fact that one of my many flaws is my eating mannerisms. Everyone I know (and has had the pleasure of eating with me) have told me that I am one of the most disgusting eaters ever. I'm not proud of it, but what can I say? I enjoy my food. This photo makes me happy - I haven't had a turkey leg since I was about 8 years old.


JAWS!! Check out my sa-weeeeeet top. ;). Me and Bianca decided to be touristy and get thing one and thing two shirts, hehe. I kid you not, ENTIRE FAMILIES walked around with these shirts - thing one, thing two, thing three, thing four, and in some cases (where their family was obviously too big for this novelty), they threw in thing mum AND thing dad as well! My parents joked around about getting them. It wasn't a funny joke.


And now for my favourite photo with my one and only - SPONGEBOB!

I am now back in England writing songs. My mum's Feng Shui master has told her that traveling helps inspire me to write (I'm not complaining, hehe). I always write songs on the plane, train and when I'm jet lagged. Have also been catching up with my friends who are here; my friends from boarding school and friends who have moved over here for university! As I wouldn't be with them to celebrate my birthday I had an earlier celebration with them - but I'll save that for another post.

Hope everyones having a lovely week - I am missing the hot weather!



19 October 2011


(Fourth time editing this post and from cutting down in photos they've now just deleted them! So sorry if it gets a little confusing.)

Gonna start posts with music at the top. Seems logical so you can listen to the song during the post instead of at the end (if at all, that is :P)


Due to my exam results and the short period of time I get to be with my sister, my parents decided to finally finally take us to New York and HARRY POTTER LAND WOOOOOOOO! Its my first time to both and I was so so so excited. I'm still so so so excited and I'm over half way through the whole experience. I'm spending as much time with my family so will have to make this a short post - mostly photos (which is probably a better thing, hehe).

The hotel we stayed in was the most amazing hotel I've ever stayed in, in my life. There was an IPAD... AN IPAD to monitor the room temperature and to call room service etc etc... AN IPAD! How insane is that!

We took a horse and carriage ride around Central Park and it was amazing - I felt like I was in a movie (hehe). So many film scenes, so many TV episodes, it was SO cool!

Then, as everything opened at 11am and we went out at 7:30am, we walked around the city for a while...

SO AMAZING!! My shirt is from FEMMEX - you can't really see it but theres shots without the scarf later on.

I love the boyfriend jacket look.

The cutest cupcake shop! My sisters been obsessing over it for ages so she was so happy we finally got to go!

There's even cupcakes for doggies!

Then met up with one of my best friends Vani who's at uni there!
Empire State Building!

SUCH a big candy store! You'll have to see my suitcase later...

And they had a Hello Kitty section! 

This Pop Bar was totally cute.

Look at the tube - how tech!


Took a peek into Forum, and look! They have a Ferris Wheel!?!

The robot gives you the ice cream!

And then we got to go up to the Empire State Building observation deck. This was such a highlight - I love Sleepless in Seattle. Tip: If you're heading to New York do not, I repeat, DO NOT do the sky ride. From a sky tour of NYC we ended up being 'zapped through time' and then put out of space for around half an hour. My parents weren't too impressed.

We then got to go on a helicopter tour of NYC! MUCH better than the silly 'sky ride' one. I've never been in one and I'm super scared of height so it was pretty daunting. I managed to trip on the way in (I was terrified) and now have a humongous bruise on my shin (ouch). But it was worth it - amazing amazing amazing.

Went back to get more candy. F A O SCHWARZ toy shop was so cool!

This is cool but, really gross advertising. I would not have this for breakfast. Ever.

This too - its huge! Urgh!

And now, my suitcase.

All in a day and a halfs work. And then it was off to Orlando! I would post my photos from today but I think I've already gone far past my limit!

See you in a few days lovelies!


09 October 2011

Recording and ... more recording

So this week I've had 6 consecutive days of recording so not much has been going on... but I did take a few snaps! Managed to miss All Time Low at Wavehouse but did make it to LOUD Festival. I'll start with that.

The whole concert was in mandarin. I think my manager got me a ticket to purposely test my mandarin skills haha, but I'm glad I went - I adore mandarin music.

Me and LJ were both wearing FEMMEX tops, and they were both pink! Hehe. I took SO many photos - I'll upload them at the bottom of the post but they're worth looking at. The sets were amazing. Favourite outfit hands down goes to Landy Wen, she's gorgeous!

I guess it helps when you have a body like that to go with it! Her voice is beautiful - there are definitely going to be a few more albums on my shelf. But the main act that everyone was there to see was Jay Chou... his set was amazing!

Look at them scream!

The audience went crazy! But anyone could see why. He is so, so talented. On the stage alone he sang, danced, played the piano, the guitar, beat boxed AND humoured the audience. Amazing. The Band Ang Mo Pai were playing - I had NO idea my manager and producer were in a band!

This girl was like "Wow that guy is SO GOOD at singing...", I was like "yeah, he teaches me singing" (hehehehehe). Fantastic performance! 

Anyway, apart from that I've been in the recording studio finishing off some more songs! My mum is such a sweetheart and my biggest fan (second to my dad...), she came and sat in the studio for my whole session. Therefore I have a few snaps inside the studio...

I swear the whole singapore loves aircon. The studio is always SO cold - I have to wear track pants to survive.

They put coal in the recording room, haha. I'm not really sure how it works but as it's a new studio it's supposed to stop the glue from stinging my eyes. Unfortunately (or more embarrassingly) I kept getting too into my song and knocking it over. :(. Eric also bought a Ukelele to play in the arrangement of my new song - so cute!

I DID manage to find time this morning to go to FEMMEX (horay!). I only tried on a few items...

 Hehehe, I love love love it!

Must now go prepare for tomorrow's recording sesh.

Love, xx

P.S. Beautiful song: 

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