31 October 2011

Wild Thing

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11mkTm0WpBU?wmode=transparent]

I love the music video, it's so cute! My favourite song at the moment...

Anyway! I'm going to try and keep this post shorter than my normal rants.


Celebrated my 19th with a few friends at Raffles in Chelsea. One of my friends and my Sister organised the whole thing for me - super super sweet! I'm a very lucky girl.


Bianca and I also went to see BRITNEY SPEARS live in concert! She may not have been all she used to have been but it was so amazing. I am not ashamed to admit that I was holding back my tears when she came out. I mean, it was BRITNEY SPEARS! I couldn't believe it! She completed my childhood!

I love live performances. I love the costumes! The stage set-ups were amazing.


This was my favourite costume! The costume lights up with red lighting down the sides. Amazing.

Anyway I thought I'd talk about my favourite trend this year which is (dundundun...), leopard prints! I think prints are gorgeous and an amazing way to make someone stand out. Especially with a plain outfit I love throwing in prints to add something different. My favourite is animal prints but I love florals and houndstooth as well. When leopard prints came back into the eye of fashion a few months ago I was OVER THE MOON. I think I've stocked up on enough leopard print items for life. Its hard to find good prints. I'm not one to go all out and wear a huge leopard print coat but I enjoy classic pieces of print. I've attached a few photos at the bottom that I've just scanned my computer for!

Off to FEMMEX tomorrow to source out new finds!

love love!



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