09 October 2011

Recording and ... more recording

So this week I've had 6 consecutive days of recording so not much has been going on... but I did take a few snaps! Managed to miss All Time Low at Wavehouse but did make it to LOUD Festival. I'll start with that.

The whole concert was in mandarin. I think my manager got me a ticket to purposely test my mandarin skills haha, but I'm glad I went - I adore mandarin music.

Me and LJ were both wearing FEMMEX tops, and they were both pink! Hehe. I took SO many photos - I'll upload them at the bottom of the post but they're worth looking at. The sets were amazing. Favourite outfit hands down goes to Landy Wen, she's gorgeous!

I guess it helps when you have a body like that to go with it! Her voice is beautiful - there are definitely going to be a few more albums on my shelf. But the main act that everyone was there to see was Jay Chou... his set was amazing!

Look at them scream!

The audience went crazy! But anyone could see why. He is so, so talented. On the stage alone he sang, danced, played the piano, the guitar, beat boxed AND humoured the audience. Amazing. The Band Ang Mo Pai were playing - I had NO idea my manager and producer were in a band!

This girl was like "Wow that guy is SO GOOD at singing...", I was like "yeah, he teaches me singing" (hehehehehe). Fantastic performance! 

Anyway, apart from that I've been in the recording studio finishing off some more songs! My mum is such a sweetheart and my biggest fan (second to my dad...), she came and sat in the studio for my whole session. Therefore I have a few snaps inside the studio...

I swear the whole singapore loves aircon. The studio is always SO cold - I have to wear track pants to survive.

They put coal in the recording room, haha. I'm not really sure how it works but as it's a new studio it's supposed to stop the glue from stinging my eyes. Unfortunately (or more embarrassingly) I kept getting too into my song and knocking it over. :(. Eric also bought a Ukelele to play in the arrangement of my new song - so cute!

I DID manage to find time this morning to go to FEMMEX (horay!). I only tried on a few items...

 Hehehe, I love love love it!

Must now go prepare for tomorrow's recording sesh.

Love, xx

P.S. Beautiful song: 


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