25 January 2012



[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thq8XHCPWTU?wmode=transparent]

A little video to go along with my second single.. enjoy!

I LOVE chinese new year! From the new clothes to the lion dances and the food and the gambling and all the family time - its just so fun! Anyway I'm sure you're all super busy visiting (and collecting hong bao's) so I'll just show you my 3 very red outfits that I wore for the first 3 days of chinese new year! Mum was very strict with the new clothes thing this year, hahaha.


Tadaaaaaa! I used to be a very black clothes person but I really like wearing bright colours that stand out. The shorts on the far right photo are from FEMMEX and are so so super cute! I'm so in love with them!


New Years Eve Dinner. Before and After.


Me and my cousin Natasha goofing around with the GIF facebook app.


Urghhh just look at all those goodies! I got the pineapple tarts taken away from me after eating too many :( What a bummer. I just can't stop myself once I've had one! We went to see a lion dance as well which was really cool. Haven't properly seen one in so long, made me feel like a little girl again. So fun!


We had a little dilemma on day 2 with the food and ended up having to get lebanese food for the whole family (how funny), but I think it was a good break from all the chinese food and the more chinese food to come .. (which I totally don't mind because I LOVE chinese food), but that was my dads theory or maybe a way to comfort my mum, hahaha. Look at the cute spongebob fortune cookies! The messages were super cheesey. I'd give cuteness - 9 message originality/meaningfulness - 2.


Coffe and I - Day 2 of CNY!


Me and my cousin Tash (who was visiting from Sydney for a few days) decided to try these lip tatoos which I've had for AGES but never had an opportunity to wear. They're from the company Violent Lips and are actually pretty damn cool. However mum said it made me look like I had a disease and I had to take it off :(. I guess I'll have to wait till the next dress up party...

The time with the cousins was also a major excuse to camwhore like crazy! I won't bore you but I've attached a few cute ones (or so I think anyway :P) below!

Hope you all have a prosperous new year and are having lots and lots of fun!

gong xi gong xi!



19 January 2012

Hi Australia

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWtZ1TqMq4g?wmode=transparent]

These photos are really badly ordered..


Luna Park


Got a little time off to go to Australia to visit family and for the lot of us to get our backs checked out (don't ask).


On my cousins farm supposedly feeding the cows.. jumper from FEMMEX!


I went to a casino! My first ever casino! It was so fun! I actually managed to walk out with more money than I walked in with. I bet small though so but I was very chuffed with my little fortune I had made. I think the gamblers behind me that were betting on the 'new girl' made a lot more money though.. which is good! I was so scared I'd make them lose! I probably won't be so lucky next time but I'm glad I bet small haha... BRING ON CHINESE NEW YEAR! PICTURE PICTURE PICTURE!


 Australia is so beautiful. Us looking upon Sydney Harbour Bridge.


I love colours.


 These are really not in order, haha. My cousins Great Dane Wilber looking over his property in pride. I lurveeeee big dogs.


 We went to an old fashioned village and just look how cute this candy store is! nomnomnomnomnom!


I'm so excited for CNY! Now that I'm back I'll be littering the FEMMEX page with all my photos so be prepared! 

Lots of love,

Ming xx



10 January 2012


The reaction I generally get when I'm doing an english set and I suddenly break out in mandarin (even though I am eurasian.. hehe). I LOVE mandarin songs and I adore singing them - there's just so much emotion and the lyrics are always beautiful. I've always always always wanted to have my own chinese songs and its literally a dream come true that I now do. 'Some Guys' has been playing on YES933 since yesterday so keep a look out for that! You can let me know if my diction is passable, hehe. Downloads should be up soon - I'll keep you updated on everything. And... I'm so excited for you to see the video which comes out later this month! And... MY ALBUM COMES OUT IN UNDER A MONTH! So excited! Another thing I'm very excited about is Chinese New Year! I missed my first one ever last year when I was in boarding school in england (but I did have a mini CNY dinner there with my friends - I couldn't not!)

Skirt from FEMMEX
So anyway - I headed out to do a little CNY shopping. I'm now decked out with all the red clothes I need and my Ama should be very pleased! Afterwards me and Yen went to catch a mandarin police thriller to give my mandarin a little practice.

Colourful! Had a little down time on the weekend so my cousins and I made rainbow cupcakes! SO girly but I love it!

Pretty!! Ok wow these photos are HUGE. 

Had a little trouble with the icing as we got too excited and didn't wait for the cupcakes to cool down resulting with all of the pink prettiness on top melting! But the inside is so colourful! I'm now currently saving myself for Chinese New Year but its not going so well with all the treats on sale at the moment. Urgh. My constant battle with all the delicious foods of the world.

Now just getting ready for my next shoot! Tada! After days of sitting in my room writing songs, hair up, baggy clothes, it's nice to dress up! Well I'm still wearing normal clothes for this shoot but you know what I mean... I love wavy hair!

Love love love!

Ming xx


03 January 2012


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bag1gUxuU0g?wmode=transparent]!

Just heard this song today - her voice is amazing! 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSfEudN1MzI?wmode=transparent]

I have to put both of these - I love them!

Anyway - I am now BACK from my lovely christmas break with my family and ready to get back into it all again. Can you believe its already 2012? I hope you've made some new years resolutions cause I sure have (and this year I intend to keep them...):

1. Keep a journal 

2. Do 100 days of proper exercise

3. Don't be so serious

and then all the normal 'be more healthy' ones. So far it's not looking so good.

Thought I'd share a few photos with you. Australia is beautiful - I'm glad I could be with my family for Christmas and New Year there.


Me and Bianca's first time playing cricket, hahaha.


Looking into the harbour.


Annabel and I on NYE.


PANCAKES ON THE ROCKS! Yummy yummy yummy in my tummy..


New Years fireworks - amazing.




Colourful food is the best kind of food.


I really did try with this photo, I really did.


Bianca and I by the Christmas tree (pre-decorations).


Christmas morning (these are really not in order, hahaha)



Very thankful for the time I got to spend with my loved ones. Hope you all had an amazing holiday season too (even though its still the 11th day of christmas - yes I count..).

More posts coming your way...


Ming xx

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