20 February 2013

Brides, Babies and Dinner at ChoPSuey!

In our lives lots of people will come and go, but a few stay on and become life long friends. At 15 I was lucky enough to get involved in a TV program called REM: The Next Generation where I met two girls who I know I will be friends with for life. We spent 2 seasons on set drowning ourselves in red bull, gossiping about boys and struggling to keep each other awake and remember our lines together. It will always be a massive chunk of my life - they were like sisters to me and I grew up so much during my 'REM years'. 5 years later and it still only feels like yesterday that our biggest off-set problems included figuring out how long to wait before replying a guys text message and now two of my closest friends are getting married. Wait, scratch that, JERILYN GOT MARRIED! AND SHE'S PREGGERS! AND JAMIE IS GETTING MARRIED! Where did the time go!?

Jamie, Jeri and I playing charades

Amazing times

Words cannot express how happy I am for both of them, in fact, right now as I type this I'm trying my hardest not to cry (but failing miserably). Unfortunately, due to work I didn't manage to make it over to LA for Jerilyn's wedding but luckily she held a dinner in Singapore which I flew back from Taiwan for. AND I GOT TO GO TO HER BABY SHOWER AHHHHHHH! BABIES!! Although I still have a long way to go I am SO EXCITED AND SO JEALOUS! Her baby shower was absolutely adorable and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. It was also an excuse for me and mum to enjoy our favourite past time without being complete weirdos - baby shopping!


I WANT MY BABY TO HAVE PEGASUS TO PLAY ON (hercules is my fav fav). Ok I'll stop before I scare you all too much.. I can wait.. I promise.. ANYWAY. Now for some lovely photos of the shower!

I opted for a more floral look (dress from H&M) and my favourite yellow cardigan - seemed appropriate! 


I want to look as amazing as Jerilyn when I'm pregnant. I didn't even see the baby bump when I first walked in! 

Ok these photos are in a really random order (photos courtesy of Jamie and Jeri as well as my own) but I want to share them with you guys anyway. I'm not even joking, everything Jerilyn does is beautiful. You only need to go to her instagram (here) to see how pretty everything is. She's like my ultimate disney princess asian barbie. Her baby shower was, of course, no exception to this and was nothing less of spectacular, adorable and pretty pretty pretty! I went photo crazy.

Even her food list is pretty!

Party Favors

After uploading a photo of the cupcakes someone tagged the amazing creator on my instagram (here)
and I must say - I am SO ordering cupcakes from Miss Goob the second I have a proper excuse (or even if I don't) they are so cute and tasted DELICIOUS (I have a video, you'll see in a few ticks..)


Jeri's sisters got plain bibs and stuck on stencil outlines for us to decorate and give to Jeri for the baby. SUCH an amazing idea! Very very fun and perfect for those who are artistically challenged *ahem*, like me.

Me and Jamie's creations

AHHH even with the stencil outline I managed to mess up BECAUSE I CAN'T SPELL WAAA. I was going for Mr Gorgeous but some how managed to go more towards Mr Geo.. Geography?

Sigh. I really don't help myself do I. Got a good laugh out of everyone at least!

Everyone else did such cute designs! Some people are so creative (very envious, I've always wished I was more artistic! So pretty!)

Even mummy herself!

Tadaaaa! Unforunately I had to leave the party early to go and sing to all my lovely fans (lalalalalaaaaa) so I left my mess of a bib hoping for a miracle to happen. THANKFULLY Jeri's cousin had the amazing idea of turning Mr Geo… into Mr. George Clooney. Genius! Absolute genius I tell you! Later on when I had to write down my favourite baby boy name I wrote down George (to try and be funny, har-har-har) as it would be very fitting for my bib, hehe. But I know Jeri has probably the most amazing name planned. It's a secret but I'M SOOOO EXCITED TO FIND OUT!!

Other games included guessing what day the baby will be born!

Measuring the mummy-to-be's tummy (which I sadly missed!).

… and leaving messages for the baby!

Jamie and I's

And of course Jerilyn's mum prepared an absolute feast for us!

I had the most amazing time!

Photos from Jamie's instagram (which you can view here).

However, this wasn't the only exciting thing going on…

yes yes yes!!


So cute!!

So beautiful! And it won't be long til Jamie's making mini-me's too! They both told me I had better hurry up so that my first child could go on play dates with their seconds! Hah! My two gorgeous girls are making their own families, I just can't believe it.. (over the moon).

As for me, I'm still waiting for fate to happen (don't think I can't see you rolling your eyes - I'm a HUGE hopeless romantic). Don't you think its strange/weird/amazing how every single moment can make such a difference in your life? By being 5 minutes late, or walking down a different street, deciding to move or even saying an extra sentence to someone you could meet different people, have different thoughts which lead to different things, change your life path completely. My grandma ended up with my granddad purely due to walking down a different street one day. Can you imagine if that small act had not happened I wouldn't even be here? It's crazy. Ok I'm getting carried away now, haha, but what I'm trying to say is that I find fate so peculiar, so magical.

ANYWAY. While in Taiwan I was randomly on the PS Cafe page looking up the menu for their new pizza joint and I saw that a new branch called ChoPSuey was about to open (see what they did there with the sneaky PS.. clever clogs). Had a quick look at the menu (as you do) and immediately fell in love. I actually went with my cousins after my homecoming gig in Singapore (was too excited) and loved it so much that I wanted to bring the girls back! I'll include photos from both meals (excuse the iphone quality!).

So pretty!

I LOVED the asian/frenchy type concept! The food was Asian but the decor was very old time chinese chic with french music playing in the background. Ab-so-lute-ly breathtaking.


I really really really really REALLY loved that all the items ordered were for sharing. I've been twice now for dinner but really want to go back for their dim sum brunch as they have some pretty unique looking dim sum on offer in the menu (yum yum yum)! I want to try their duck and lychee salad too! Take a look at their menu's here.

After my homecoming gig with the family

I love trying bits of everything! I love going out to eat it's just such a nice way to celebrate... anything! Food, friends, family, fun - eating is just one of the best times of the day hahaha.

Crispy Duck Pow! Pockets


Dessert round 1 and 2. The Chilli Chocolate cake and French Apple Galette were recommended to us. On night number one (right photo) only the cake was available - it was the bomb. SUPER SUPER RICH (and I normally don't find many things rich) but 100% worth trying. However on the second visit I grabbed the apple galette while it was still around (must be pretty popular!) and ohhhh my goshhh - love at first bite! I don't even like apple pies/tarts that much and now because of this I LOVE THEM. Well no, I'm always now in the mood to order them but every time I do I'm always disappointed because THIS ONE WAS JUST SO FRIKKEN GOOD! Get it - trust me.

Ok, come on. Fortune cookies? How is this not the best restaurant ever!

How detailed.
Ok maybe not the best fortunes ever but whatever, a cookie is a cookie! I wish I had taken a photo of my cousin's one actually. He had a really romantic liner.

The REM girlies!

Jamie, Jeri, Cherlyn and I!
The night ended all too soon and after lots of giggles and excitement about babies and weddings and growing up it was time to go home! Jeri passed me one of her darling cupcakes from the baby shower (as I never got to try one) and I must say..


I tried with Vine, I really did.

Anyway this post has left me feeling very happy but very hungry so I think its time to hit the hay. Hope you enjoyed the post, do leave me your thoughts below!

Ming xx.

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