07 February 2013

933 CNY and Singapore Homecoming Event!

Behind the scenes in 'Hood Bar & Cafe' office before the performance
Currently sick and stuck at home :( So thought I'd use my time productively and instead of sleeping the day away do a little photo blog of my first 2 welcome home performances in Singapore wooohoooo! Thanks to everyone for coming to support!

Xiaohan and I - someones obviously a bit too excited

Was so nice to do the show with Lee Lian and Kun Hua - have worked with both of them before and Lee Lian used to try help me out with my chinese agessssss ago. At Christmas she still sometimes plays my Christmas EP from when I was 14 - such a sweetheart. Lovely, lovely people!

And of course the best bit, taking photos with all of you!! YOU CAME TO SEE ME! Literally brings tears to my eyes (and a huge smile to my face).

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEE INSTAGRAM. Thank you guys for uploading and tagging me in the photos it's so fun! If you're not on instagram yet, WHY ARE YOU NOT ON INSTAGRAM!? You can check out mine here if you're interested..


I also had a homecoming gig arranged purely so I could see all your beautiful faces! It was a little rushed (sorry), and lots of people after claimed they didn't hear about it (although I was writing about it like crazy on facebook and twitter - no idea??) so remember! In order to not miss out on events (cause we unfortunately don't get to see each other that often :( ..) please check my facebook for the latest updates!!

Here's a little video Funkie Monkies have made of the event. Thank you guys for coming!! I had SO much fun! You were amazing! Really hope you enjoy the new album and to all my english speaking fans, I hope you had a good time too - sorry for speaking so much mandarin!!

Photo by Pierre Lim

Thank you so much to Hood Bar & Cafe for letting us use your amazing venue for the event!


Nervously laughing with Eric before the performance..

THANK YOU to Kun Hua for hosting the event for me too! Amazing guy - so so funny! Really made the whole event!


I love this photo.

It was so nice to see so many smiling faces. All I really want to do is to make people smile and if my music can do that then, well, I've really achieved something!


Playing games and giving prizes wooooooooooo!

Signing sesh!

GUYS YOU DON'T HAVE TO GET ME PRESENTS! COMING IS ALREADY MORE THAN ENOUGH! So many of you got me such sweet things but really your presence means the world to me and more!

See! Look at how happy I am!

Joanna (fan club president) and I
The event was also the launch of MY NEW FAN CLUB - Mingspiration! Made by you guys and run by amazing/gorgeous/super fan Joanna Kwang! I'm such a lucky lucky lucky girl to have such unbelievable fans, so so lucky. Joanna has been amazing and I'm so excited about this fan club - hopefully it will be a way of strengthening our connection (which is already pretty amazing but, you know!).

TO JOIN: Give your name, date of birth, e-mail address and contact number to mingspiration@gmail.com.

You can also join the twitter page here and facebook page here for more information!

Photo by Pierre Lim

Now I'm off to get ready for rehearsals. Its a hard job working everyday of your holiday, but someones got to do it!

Photo by Pierre Lim

 Lots of love!
Ming xx



  1. Get well soon then fatten yourself up with the CNY food :D:D:D!!

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