02 February 2013

Ming's Guide to surviving the CNY Food Fiesta

Now I know this is not what I usually blog about but after seeing the above picture on facebook (and fellow sweet toothed friend's "OH MY GAWDD WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ALAMAK" reactions), I thought I'd give a little insight into how I'm planning on tackling the Chinese New Year celebrations without ultimately ending in a huge binge fest of doom.

The aftermatch

As you all know, I love to eat! I DO NOT 'eat to live' - I'm more on the, err, 'live to eat' side. Do what makes you happy. Eating makes me happy. BUT there is still a fine line between happiness and (unfortunately) being healthy (which I also love) and therefore I too will be making sure I don't go over board during this festive season. Urgh - why is Christmas, New Year, CNY and Easter all so close together!?

Some Tips (along with some photos from last year's extravaganza):

1. Drink lots of water! I drink about 500ml upon waking anyway but its good to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Not only will it help keep your energy levels up but it will slow down your eating and trust me, you need to pace yourself (more on that later). I often mistake thirst for endless hunger as well - common problem.

On that note...

2. Don't drink your calories, lah! Don't waste calories on worthless things, think of all the extra pineapple tarts you could have! Make the most of our amazing calorie free tea! I love love love tea! And you need the water to wash down all the sugar, not more sugar upon sugar (now thats just being silly).

3. Only indulge in the best, not things you can get all year round. Although I've probably eaten one too many pineapple tarts here I will be getting my fair of love letters down as I know I never get the chance to eat them the rest of the year and they will be VERY YUMMY ONES. Quality over quantity my friend!

Pretty sure you can't get these all year round.. SO CUTE!

4. YOU CAN NEVER OVER EAT VEGETABLES. Think about what you can add, not what you can take away. Think about getting your 5 - 9 servings of fruit and vegetables a day! It will keep you full and on the right things! And asian vegetables FRIGGIN RULE. I eat plate upon plate upon plate - bok choy, kai lan, you name it. Go crazy! 

Orange, anyone?

Which brings me to..

5. DON'T SKIP MEALS! YOU WILL GET HUNGRY! YOU WILL EAT MORE! Eat proper meals! Eat meat! When I have sugar, I want more sugar. You need things that will actually quench your hunger. Furthermore you don't want to end up feeling tired, grumpy and ill - it doesn't sound like much fun at all and you'll probably end up stuffing yourself on other stuff later from depriving yourself before.

One meal .. times by three .. times by fifteen days = my chinese new year curse/blessing (but look, we are water ready!)

6. MODERATION IS THE NAME OF THE GAME. The worst thing is depriving yourself and then running around like a headless chicken later! Have those pineapple tarts, but just cut back on other things that you won't miss as much such as rice (instead of mindlessly eating it on top of everything else!).

7. Eat slowly. My number 1 problem every year. I'm always on my 3rd plate while everyone's still on their 1st. I eat so fast that I feel naked without a plate of food so carry on getting more and more (the endless supply that your grandma cooks up is a blessing with a major price tag). You have alllllll the time in the world - you (well, I) have to remember its not going anywhere. Take what you want and indulge in family time conversation!

8. Don't linger around the buffet table. Go help out! PLAY GAMES! Take silly family reunion photos! Be active!

Activities to distract yourself such as photo bombing your relatives.

9. Plan out what you want to have - this always helps (if possible). Failing to plan is planning to fail - I've learnt in time when I've told myself what I really want to do it helps me when I'm actually in battle (as cheesy as it sounds).

I know what I want before I hit the taka tibits - SMART SHOPPER!

10. Work out in the morning - Makes you feel energetic and in control! The last thing you want is to feel lazy, bored and just pig out while watching lion dance on TV. EXERCISE IS NOT PUNISHMENT/A WAY FOR YOU TO EAT MORE. It's supposed to make you feel active and energetic! Simply walking/doing some yoga stretches count!

11. Portion control. If you put 20 cookies on your plate you're gonna end up eating those 20 cookies whether you're full or not.

ONLY ONE FOR YOU - give the others a fighting chance!

12. Are you REALLY hungry? To stop bored/stress eating try distracting yourself for 7 minutes and see if you still want what you previously wanted. A tip that really works but I often forget 'in the moment', urgh. Ask yourself - are you hungry for an apple? No? Then step away from the extra cookies!

Get up, walk around, watch lion dances! Focus on other things!

13. Clothes can help! Wear tight clothes (stupid but when you feel like you're about to burst out of your new trousers it helps you slow down a hell of a lot)! Take the opportunity to wear your pretty new clothes! I'll have on my pretty new cheong sam, pretty underwear, pretty shoes, pretty accessories and I'm 100% sure food babies don't go along with any of the above too well..

Pretty new clothes for last years CNY! Certainly did not have a colour scheme in mind..

14. You can always have more later! 15 days lah, take it slow.

Continuation - after Singapore's celebration we brought the festive spirit over to England ..

15. DON'T LEAVE IT IN THE HOUSE. (Very very hard). Countless times my family brings back extra goodies that NO ONE eats and I find myself creeping into the kitchen and having a midnight snack feast which results in me rolling back in bed feeling like death (not a fun experience for anyone). Getting treats should be an adventure! I love going out for food! However, not all of us are alike which leads me to my final point..


16. Know yourself - I can't have 'one' pineapple tart. If you're one of those people who can, great (for you..)! But if you're a '30 tarts or nothing', 'go hard or go home' type character like myself, stay clear. A leopard does not change it's spots and if you're not craving it it's not worth feeling sick over later on (when you find something you actually do want to indulge in but feel like you're going to explode - it sucks!). Moderation is the key!

Let the others win the fight, a little is enough for luck! QUALITY NOT QUANTITY PEOPLE!

I'll probably end up indulging in my favourites the first day and then be more conscious on others for healths sake! REMEMBER eating healthy will make you feel better, have more energy and you can avoid the sluggish blood glucose drop and you'll thank yourself when you switch the focus to other fun activities such as .. err.. black jack (hehehehehe). AND KARAOKE! YES WE ALL PLAY! 24 COUSINS! A MILLION AUNTS AND UNCLES! ITS ON!

Hope this has been some help to someone... if not at least it's a little reminder for myself. I LOVE indulging but tend to go a wee big overboard. Woman vs food. 

Let the games begin.
Ming x



  1. Initially i thought you had some random photos of the Caucasians with CNY goodies :P I just wish on my side, everyone is excited about CNY like what i see in your photos, haven't had a good CNY in years but it's nice seeing you and family enjoy it :)

    Nice cheongsam by the way, to go with the New Year & Valentine's Day hah.

    1. That was from my CNY dinner party with my friends in England when I went back to visit - brought a little CNY spirit with me!

      Thank you! I hope you and your family have a great one this year! Gong xi fa cai!

  2. Oh MING! why must u show all these!
    Enjoy reading your blog.
    Think most family have Point 15 issue.
    Anyway welcome back to Singapore

  3. MING! just curious, which salon you went and done your hair? 8D

    1. I normally do it myself but if it is for an event then many different places - depends where my company sends me!

  4. This is VERY VERY useful!! Yea that 1st photo that people have been posting on Facebook freak me out too but well its the festive season and lets not restrict ourselves too much! Anyway, this totally crack me up! Very enjoyable and informative! Have fun munching on all the CNY snacks! Wishing you and your family a prosperous New Year!!

  5. Hey I'm trying to stop my yoyo dieting and want to lose weight and fats fast. Amy workouts or diets or tips? Pls help me :(


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