12 February 2013

Channel 8 CNY Eve Countdown Show!

First of all I'd like to start off this post with a big GONG XI FA CAI!!

Cheongsam is from Shanghai Tang for everyone who's been asking!

I hope everyone's having an amazing CNY DAY 3 AHHH! I thought I'd do a quick post about being involved in this year's Channel 8 Chinese New Year Eve Countdown Show! I was literally so honoured to have been invited. Every year my family and I watch the countdown on TV at my Amah's house so it was pretty cool this year to actually be involved, although having to miss family hot pot .. (instagram and a photo loving family is a horrible combination). And I got to share the big stage with these gorgeous girls…

Cheryl, Ling Yi, Candyce et Moi!

Check out our ultra cool matching outfits - snazzy.

Actually I'm not really being sarcastic at all, I think it was super cute how we were matching and I loved having a sort of old fashion traditional print to wear on stage! As always, during fitting the team and I cringed and braced ourselves for the worst but alas, perfect fit! What do you think?

It.. looks good?

YAY *happy face*. Took a few photos to send to the management who also replied with YAY's (we are happy people, we like sharing happy news, and being overly happy, or maybe they just pretend for me..)

As it's such a big show there are not one, not two but three full days of preparation - and thats only for the people performing! I headed down to the Silver team stage in China Town for my first run through on stage. I had only met the girls briefly a few days before to go through our killer choreography and get fitted into our costumes so we were still pretty shakey with the steps (things aren't as simple in heels!).

The stage - waiting to rehearse.

China Town Lights! Actually, China Town looked pretty damn awesome. I've always avoided China Town during CNY down to the fact that it's probably the most congested part of the whole island (except for when I was younger and we'd get CHINESE NEW YEAR SCHOOL TRIPS WAHOOOO - ah, when life was much more simple). I'm so glad I got to see all the decorations, they really were spectacular and the street was glowing, the lanterns setting the town alight - really got my Chinese New Year spirit going!

Waiting to go on - rainnnnn please stop!

Posted by one of my fans on twitter who was watching the rehearsal, so sweet! So glad I look some what respectable as I had a horrible high temperature the night before (and now that it's gone, my whole family are now down with a pretty contagious cold - WHAT IS GOING ON WHY IS EVERYONE GETTING SICK).


Yu Sheng back stage wahooooo! I'm going to get in serious trouble one of these days I swear, sorry for the candid shots everyoneeee..

It was actually pretty cool we got brought A LOT of food, soya bean curd, bread, rice boxes, etc. At least we didn't starve while waiting to go on! I performed twice for the show but only the group performance was aired, the solo was just for those at the China Town stage! BUT one of my amazing fans taped down the performance from the dress rehearsal if you'd like to take a look..

RUSH RUSH RUSH, after my solo I had to run and change into my group outfit and then after that we dashed back to the Media Corp station for the closing!

The Stageeeee!


Another group shot while waiting for the closing number


AND NOW FOR THE DAY ITSELF! ARE YOU EXCITED? I'M EXCITED! 3 hours of sleep later and 9 hours of work to go LETS DO THISSSSS. (I complain far too much - who really gets to sleep in this business anyway?).

At the makeup station

We're girls, and we're waiting! What else did you expect us to do! Oh, hi Darryl.

The sunshine group.

Jiaqi saving the day backstage with her ULTRA FUN 'King of the Opera' game (which is is a beast at - and I'm probably the crappiest player alive). They literally had to stop and say 'lets go easier on Ming and give her a chance', how embarrassing. My gamer days are such a distant memory :(.

yay yay yay.

More photos - pre-solo performance.

MY LOVELY MINGSPIRATIONS CAME TO SEE ME!! I love you guys you are the sweetest! Here's a video uploaded of me waving and then running off to get the bus back to Media Corp (super cringe but hey haha). REMEMBER if you want to join the fan club to check them out on twitter here and Facebook here!

And now to the station..


Jiaqi and I

With Lao Shi!


Oh it was so so so so nice to see everyone again! Overall very fun experience and despite the weather and missing out on my beautiful steam boat meal it was a great way to go into the new year. GONG XI FA CAI! XIN NIAN KUAI LE! WAN SHI LU YI!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday with all their loved ones. My the year of the Snake be bringing everyone good luck! Super tired so hope this post actually makes some sense and that my iPhone photos aren't TOO shabby. Thank you to everyone who came to support and who were watching from home - hope I did you guys proud! AND THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ME SANE via twitter while waiting!

Love you all!
ming xx


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  1. I missed your solo performance but hey, you are pretty good with that song haha! So fast the 4 days weekend went by just like that. I think when one gets older time goes by quicker :P


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