12 February 2013

Yahoo Fashion


So I was super lucky and got to do a shoot with Yahoo about fashion!

Now I don't really understand the article (now, now.. I am getting there slowly!) but they used a lot of my instagram OOTD (outfit of the day) photos so hopefully that means people like my fashion? Let me know! Maybe I can start doing weekly OOTD round ups on the blog! Here are some of my most latest ones.. (all viewable via instagram!).

Outfit from GUESS
Dress by GUESS

Dress by Fairground

Dress by Shanghai Tang

Dress by Jones & Jones

Jeans by Guess, Boots by Stuart Weitzman, Jumper by Eternal Child


Playsuit by Blaque Label

Playsuit from Lipsy

Top and Skirt from Bardot

Playsuit from NastyGal

Dress from Camilla

Dress from Fairground

Playsuit from TopShop

Jumper from TopMan

Jumper from Free People

Top from Bardot, Shorts from TopShop

Dress from ASOS

Dress from small store in Japan

Dress from Rare

Ahhh I just love clothes! I don't really know if I have a particular style (everyone seems to posses one these days), I just wear what's comfortable and what matches my mood that day! Sometimes I feel like dressing up like a princess and some days if I feel like pulling off a more subdued look I'll just do that! Feel free to see more of my OOTD posts via instagram

ANYWAY. Back to the shoot!

My lovely assistant passed me this sexy shot

Such a pleasure meeting the yahoo team! I had such a wonderful afternoon in such a beautiful little street in Taiwan! We went to Wooloomooloo (hehe, so cute!) cafe afterwards to chitchat and grab coffee. Really chilled back, really relaxed!

And this - she has such lovely Iphone picture apps!!

Read the article here.

The video for that Taiwanese Entertainment show FINALLY came out too! If you'd like to watch it you can view it here.

And last but not least.. a new newspaper article someone posted on my twitter today, yayyy!!

Really guys, thank you so much for your continued support. I love you all!


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  1. I have no complains about your fashion sense :) keep them comin'!!!


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