04 October 2011

Receptions, Recording and Raybans

So I went off to KL for the weekend with mum and my friend Rory, who has stopped over in Singapore on his way to Australia (perfect timing, just as I started my two week recording break, haha), for a wedding! Well, I was only invited to the reception as it’s my granddad’s brother’s son who I didn’t really know too well but I was glad to be there, I love weddings. Even at the reception I still managed to cry - so romantic.

Weekend started off by going to the indoor theme park in Times Square shopping mall. I literally LOVE themeparks but everything was so close together it made me feel so sick... L

Then we went shopping! Everywhere was like a HUGE Far East plaza! Check out my sweet new gear…


I’m probably the coolest person I know (naaaaat). I’ve ALWAYS wanted a New York Yankee’s hat! Raybans don’t suit my face (unfortunately) but I decided I’d make an exception because they were pink.

The next day we went quad biking which was SO MUCH FUN! To my surprise, even my mum came. After a few near death experiences of almost falling into ditches I’ve decided that my display of quad biking skills only confirms why I don’t yet have my drivers license. L. We went to ATV adventure park – the route ended at a gorgeous waterfall. (photos below - wearing my exquisite blue top from FEMMEX)

Then onto the wedding reception! Just as I thought I was getting the hang of mandarin, what happens? Everyone goes and speaks hokkien! After sitting there aimlessly complaining to my ama I ended up writing a song – so I guess theres always a silver lining, hehe. It was a beautiful reception, I’m very very happy for couple J.

To make the weekend even better… FULHAM WON 6 – 0 AGAINST QPR, HORAY! And attempts for my ‘beach bod’ have now gone down the drain …


Recording starts tomorrow so I’m really excited to get back into the studio. I’ve also written some new songs over the last 2 weeks that I’m eager to get working on, pronto.


I’m going to do a very trend/clothes focused post next time, I promise!

Until then xx

P.S. Can't stop listening to this song: [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFTvbcNhEgc?wmode=transparent]


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