29 September 2011


So... right now I'm approaching the end of a very satisfying 2 week break off recording - F1, AVALON AT LARGE GO! (LMFAO!), RAZOR TV (with Kevin Lao Shi!!), FOAM PARTY, YOGA, THE CATARACS, HYPE plus my first experience with chilli crab (after living here for 18 years, I'm a bit embarrassed..) there's too much to talk about!

In my last 48 hours I made my first appearance at Filter to see The Catarac's - they played a disappointing short set, but Top Of The World made it worth while! I'm not a big drinker I'm actually allergic to alcohol so spent most of the night with my 'vodka-orange' being only orange juice (shhhhh!) but alas, what's a girl to do!

Awesome sunnies courtesy of Alvin Ng - Also you'll see I'm a HUGE fan of the leopard print trend

I then embarked further on my journey towards becoming master chef by attending my first ever baking class at Poon Huat (horay!). I wore my favourite FEMMEX shirt there but fortunately was given a sweet apron (see below) to protect it. I'm also in love with my spike-y shoes, hehe.

It's all been super fun but I'm pretty excited to get back into the studio and finish off the last of my album - shooting and everything for the new single is happening soon as well so I'm getting back into 'beach bod' mode - not good when you're a huge fan of food, haha. Any advice?

Love love!


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