08 November 2011



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 Still don’t understand why this isn’t on his album. I love this song <3

I have a very busy week ahead of me so I thought I’d take this little break to update! Just finished my performance for clicknetwork TV (my first EVER guitar performance – not going to lie, was SUPER nervous! They said it should be aired around the 25th of November so do look out for it! I performed a stripped down acoustic of what will be the first single off my new album coming out next year!

Here are some shots from the performance. I’m reppin’ FEMMEX with my blouse and amazing carousal necklace (which is to die for!).


Eric Ng and I!


The beginning of November is also quite a big month for my chinese family as 3 of my cousin's (include me) birthday's are within days of each other! So I also attended my cousin's 18th/21st! Finally a chance to break out my dearly loved princess polaroid film, hehehe...


Their cakes were AMAZING!! I love cakes - next week when things settle down a tiny bit to just recording, I'm going to spend my mornings trying to learn to bake!


And what did we get them? WANDS! woohoo, Harry Potter FTW! I seriously missed out not bringing mine along...


Other than that I've been recording a lot! I'm so pumped for the release of my single in, dundundun, 13 days! Will be recording the MV this weekend so if you stay tuned you may get to see a few uploaded sneak peaks... Anyway. I didn't really celebrate my birthday as I had to work all day, but it didn't matter much as I had already got to celebrate two weeks early with a few of my friends and family in england. I still had a nice time at home with my mum and dad <3. My sister did send me this though...


What a sweetheart! I was so shocked - completely made my day! Its always so much more about the thought thats gone into the gift than the gift itself. Although, my sister had got me some pretty sweet things for my birthday, luckily I got to open them two weeks early hehehe. I miss her so much.


My producer and managers also got me this ukelele! I'm so excited to learn - there's even a little chord dictionary there for me! Thats me in the studio opening my present :). I got some pretty amazing, thoughtful gifts. Even though I was working on my birthday I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

I went into FEMMEX for a little look at their new arrivals and ended up leaving with most of them! After posting about how much I ADORE leopard print I found a leopard print blouse! So ended up getting that along with a few other items that I'm sure you'll be seeing me blog about soon!


Todays hair and makeup for the performance! (I'm taking lessons next week to learn, fingers crossed!)

Well thats all for now! Catch you all later,

Ming. xx


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