30 November 2011

The Dawning of December

WOOHOO! December is finally here!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWRi7gDYjVY?wmode=transparent]

But before I bombard you with christmas songs I thought I'd share a song that ALWAYS makes me think of snow. I had it on repeat when I was skiing last year and now I always think of snow and start feeling that cold, fresh sensation when I listen to it. Don't you love how your brain can do that?


Woohoo! PLEASE don't tell me you do not have an advent calendar. Its the only thing that keeps me sane while counting down to christmas, hehehe. Everything is so pretty and sparkley and for some reason, everyone just seems 'merrier'. I love getting gifts for people - its the best part. And I love watching people's faces on christmas day. For me Santa does it (Yes, I still believe). Ahh, I'm so excited for Santa! I want to watch Arthur Christmas and then go play in the Tanglin Mall snow!

Anyway just got back from the 987 studio where I did a short performance on the Shan and Roz show. They were so sweet! I love getting to perform the acoustic version of my single and am a regular listener to 987 so it was a great start to my day (and my december)!


Stolen off Shan and Roz's facebook page, hope they don't mind, hehe.

Anyway, me and the REM girls always have this dilemma. It becomes almost impossible to meet up due to our schedules being so different (I often long for the days where we'd spend every waking hour gossiping on set, they seem so far away now). So we managed to plan a little gift exchange session last week (I know, I know, november... but what could we do!!) which was really fun! It's so nice to be able to meet up and catch up with everything going on in our lives.


Us at Harry's bar at Dempsey with all our gifts!


It was really fun! I loved all my gifts, hehe. I think its going to have to become a yearly tradition, hehe. Jeri got us these really cute bracelets with our REM initials on, which was such a cute idea! So mine was an R, Jamie had E and Jeri had M. Cherlyn got given little clip things she can use at work with her name on it, one with our faces (cause she loves us sooooo much, hehe) and one with REM <3 Cherlyn (cause we love her too!).


I also got the chance to go to China for a few days! (I know, crazy traveling but trust me, It's just going to get even more crazier from here on out...). Rebecca (one of my best friends) is working in Tian Jin at Wellington College (the school I attended in england, but the secondary one in China!) so I 

got to go visit her and also try and improve my mandarin (I have a radio interview on 933 on monday, so nervous!). I also may be going to the school to work sometime next year to try and further progress with the mandarin speaking so it was good to have a look around and see some familiar faces of teachers from my old school who've now moved to China.


My old school, but in Tian Jin!

It was so funny, all the teachers there were doing 'Movember' which is when all the guys grow mustache's for charity during Novemeber, I think its just the most brilliant idea ever! Singapore should definitely catch on to that...


This is my favourite photo of the trip - the little kids there were SO CUTE!


And now for some shots of me and Rebecca with our ultra cool GRILLZ.


Don't worry, we didn't go out in public with them (people would have been too jealous of this level of coolness)

I'll show you what I did go out in though! This:


Hehehe. I can honestly say I've never worn something that short with a ski jacket - ever. And with that we were ready to hit up the clubs (or rather, one club) in Tian Jin!

After not really knowing what to expect we stumbled into what could have been mistaken for a fire - cause the amount of smoke was insane! It didn't take me long to have to go outside for air. When it comes to smoke I can usually tolerate it as I've grown used to hanging around people who smoke, but this was just crazy amounts! It's times like these when you become so thankful for all the things that Singapore has banned (such as the time I got stuck in chewing gum in Australia... but that's another story).


Rebecca givng the overall experience a thumbs down.

We also managed to go to Beijing for a shopping trip but I didn't manage to take any photos - too busy bargaining (I LOVE IT!!). Jamie had warned me how fun shopping in China was, hehe. 

Anyway that is it for the moment. I will be attending the 987 RSVP Fashion Forward event at Mink this saturday so hopefully will be seeing you there! I'll also be on 933 this monday at 7:30pm so stay tuned! But even better news, as its a new month, its a new shopping day at FEMMEX! HORAY! So I'll be heading down there this afternoon after my yoga session. Super excited!

Lots of love,

Ming xx


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