24 April 2012


pretty coooool huh.

Ok. My new goal is to start using a camera again. I used to be the camera queen, they used to beg me to put the camera away and now everyone's like.. "What!? You DIDN'T bring your camera!?". People can't make their minds up! Anyway, the plus of this is that I've been vigoursly getting the full use out of my amazing iphone which I love very much, but the bad news is that my photo taking has gone down a lot and there's a lot less to blog about (or it would bore you all way too much.. but I'll see what I can do, hehe).

Anyway, lets start off with a little FEMMEX indulgence..

Apologies, forgot to smile in the first one but I thought the kill me stare was a good change from my constant goofy smile, haha.

I LOVE THIS DRESS. It has puffy shoulder-puff-booster-things which are so cool! Can be made to look casual or smart, which is great. I love my day to night dresses and this has definitely been added to the collection.

This bracelet is cool too. Well, its really cool actually. I've just paired it with everything this week.

OK so people have been asking me why I've been randomly popping up at various schools so just to explain, I've been scraping in on 100.3fm and Xiaohan laoshi's chinese roadshow where they've been going round to some schools and showing them how fun it is to learn mandarin! It's been pretty funny actually, they've gotten everyone to write lyrics to like, LMFAO songs and such, hahaha. Everyone must have thought I was some weirdo hanging round the sides laughing my butt off and trying to hide it at the same time, oops. But anyway! I get to talk about why I've enjoyed learning mandarin and also sing a song which has been really fun. And then comes the best part ... 

Sorry for the stolen pictures from twitter/facebook! Forgive me!

Anyway, this is the best part because I get to meet ALL YOU LOVELY (LOVELY) PEOPLE! And you're always so smiley. So sweet. And you don't mind that I'm shy. Which is great!

And you give me nice things, when there really is no need... it's amazing enough as it is getting to meet all of you. Look how cute the tarts are! It was so funny, I had eaten breakfast before and as soon as there was a buffet, I sat down as I had already eaten, and everyone else brought me one plate of food EACH! And then didn't eat anything themselves! I was like WHAT! What am I supposed to do!? So I indulged a bit. It was all very yummy, strawberry tarts are my fav fav <3

A very satisfied Ming..

From a facebook tag

So on wednesday 'It's A Small World' premiered our cooking showdown episode - man oh man was I nervous while filming. I think we all were. It was my first time ever properly cooking FOOD. I mean, I adore baking but proper 'dinner time' food was a whole new level of kitchen skills to me. I still don't know how I managed to win, I mean, I was scoffing down Michael's chicken pot pie off screen, hahaha.


We had a little gathering over at Mike's house to watch the episode - so nice seeing everyone again! I baked some brownies especially for the occasion (and ended up eating most of them - urgh, I'm gonna need to join some sort of boot camp soon, no will power what-so-ever!).

I brought little salmon things as well (this is where my iphone fails me - flash). I literally love gatherings because gatherings = food + games. Who could ask for more!

Had a little bonding time with the parentals as well.. I swear I don't know anyone who spends as much time with their parents as me hahaha. I think they can't wait to get rid of me! Speaking of which, I really need to learn to drive... 

HOUSE at Dempsey! I did a photoshoot here AGES ago and thought that this place was so gorgeous and quirky, but never actually had a chance to go back! Although they did forget to bring me my green tea, they made up for it with their amazing meals.. BUT what I really want to do is go back for their afternoon tea. The problem is, it's only on Thursdays and Fridays, and I always remember on Saturday... doh. -_-"

Singapore really needs to start putting the calorie count on things. I'm having a hard time believing that this cider and pizza can actually be good for you. Well I guess there's only one thing to do - go back and try it!

Mum and I also had a little bonding time together and went to a cooking class, very fun :). I love learning to cook. It's so rewarding, I guess, because you can eat the end result hahaha.

Cute! Wooden Spoon!

Adorable goodie bag to take home!

Ok, I really need to start blogging more. My posts may actually start getting smaller if I do that. These literally take me an hour (and I'm a ridiculously fast typer - thanks MSN) and I'm very thankful to anyone who has actually made it this far, what is wrong with you! (jokes jokes, if you have, big kisses to you!)

Lots of love to you all, hope you're having an amazing week! Have a very busy next few days, but hoping to see some of you thursday night!

See you there?

Ming xx

P.S. I know we couldn't 'cover the night' in Singapore but I hope everyone who wanted to found a way to help the Kony 2012 Invisible Children project! 



  1. would you ever come to sp?? lol

  2. Haha no worries about it being long or lengthy, I did enjoy the read! Write more! :)

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