18 December 2011


Loveeeeeeeeeee it!

Back from my trip to Taiwan! Was there (for the first time) to film my chinese music videos and hopefully improve my mandarin in the process. I think its safe to say that all goals were completed! Taiwan was amazing - I love night markets and it was literally crawling with them. Anyway - If you've been following me on twitter you're probably already sick of the million and one photos of food and market products I've been posting (and there have been a lot) so I'll just leave you with a few ...

Their 'MRT' tickets are little coins - SO CUTE!

It was very rainy so we got these umbrella's for the trip (for 3 dollars!) but I love them - they're super cute. I love the yellow!

Reminded me a bit of an Asian Times Square...

My cousin's and I at a beach outside Taipei. We did a day trip to the mountains and got to look around the area. I swear the food was so amazing everywhere. I feel that my taste buds have matured quite a lot over the last few years in a sense of trying more different things (and liking it) where as normally my body would reject anything foreign to the tongue (probably a mental thing more than anything though).

So fun! I was crap.

THE BIGGEST ICE CREAM I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! AND IT WAS ONE DOLLAR! ONE DOLLAR! I saw the sign for a 'jumbo ice cream' and thought "pffft, yeah right", but it actually was! I can't get over it! I need to go back again!

So cute! I literally have so many photos but I don't want to put them all up and clog your computer screens, hehe.

MY FAVOURITE! And yes I ate the whole box... and more...

I never really liked the bubbles in bubble tea. They had like really small bubbles here which were so yummy. Everything was so yummy! I love bubble tea now! And I have definitely used too many exclamation marks in this post!

Finally, here is a little sneak preview of the tiniest part of my set for the MV. The set was so amazing. I've never done a production of this scale before and I'm so happy to have gotten the experience of it and chance to do so. I just hope my acting was up to scratch. You can be the judge. I'm not allowed to leak too much unfortunately but trust me there are so many photos I wish I could share. We shot from 10am to 4:30am the next day and boy was I tired. Although it was hard work I had such a good time and everyone on set was so nice, caring and patient. I was really lucky to have such a wonderful group of people. I couldn't thank them enough for all the hard work and care they had put into the production - and also for helping me so much with my mandarin (no one wanted to speak to me in english :( ).

Thats my make up for the video - very clean! I was quite shocked as generally people put eyeliner on me. When I go out I generally don't wear any makeup unless its just eyeliner on my eyes so I felt very exposed having to take photos for the first time without it to be honest. But I'm so happy with the result and the look she created without it - hopefully I get to have this look more often.

Anyway that's all for now! I've been so busy I haven't had the chance to post about my sisters birthday and lots of other different things but NOW I AM OFFICIAL ON CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY, HORAY! So I'll keep you updated with more fashion posts in the days to come. Stay tuned!

Lots of love,
Ming xx

P.S: A teacher in my boarding school in England has passed away at 26. The man had been fighting cancer for a year and his braveness and strength to carry on is inspiring to all. His memory will not be forgotten. RIP Jimmy Higham.


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  1. Hi! May i know the name of the beach area which you went to in taiwan? (:


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