29 May 2012

YES933 Summer Festival

Just a short post on what an honour it was to be invited to sing at the YES933 Summer Festival the other night!

Shortly after my Autograph session, I was quite nervous as I didn't really have much time to (mentally) prepare for it. Singing on the same line up as such big stars was pretty damn exciting (and SO daunting). My mandarin skills would definitely be put to the test, big time. I think everyone was pretty tired after the climax of my autograph session so no one was acting too panicy about it, which was good in a way.

View from soundcheck. How awesome is the seating layout concept!

I was on right after Olivia Ong for sound check. Although we didn't get a chance to talk, we did share a smile when we passed each other which is good enough for me! I love how calming her music is, it's always on repeat along with some K-pop albums at my regular nail salon haha. ANYWAY. We were (as always) in a big rush to leave for hair and makeup and I was just about to dash into the lift when I got a "WAIT you need to sign 100 clappers before you go!". So I thought this obviously meant 2 or 3.


SO MUCH MORE THAN 100 CLAPPERS! And the worse part was, going through them, every other artists signature was like, printed, amazing, perfect replicas of each other. I had my work cut out for me, hahaha. I think I did ok though, ish. So with a sore hand we finally left to go get ready, woohoo!

Amazing hair and makeup. Now if I could only learn how to do it myself! Ok time for some photos (ok from like no photos I've gone to like a bajillion now that I have a camera so let me know if its all too much please!)

Waiting to perform

The crowd was amazing! Literally, thank you so much to all my fans who came all the way to support me. I'll never be able to show you how much you all mean to me. You guys are the best!

With Jia fa and Pei fen

Chinese being put to the test - oh dear. Cracked a little under pressure - especially when he asked what I've been up to and I decided it was the right time to thank YES933 for inviting me, oops :(.


And that was that! After the performance we were whisked away into the holding room by some security guards (not gonna lie, it was pretty cool). It was one of the few public performances my dad has ever come to as normally he's so scared that he puts pressure on me (so sweet) so he was just as shocked as me. The guards later went on the escort us all the way down the mall to the parking lot - I felt so.. weird? Like I knew nothing would happen but it was so sweet that they cared so much to get security! However, this did mean that when people asked for my photo (even when I tried to break out and take one anyway) I was told that they couldn't let do that :. I was really bummed but I know that they were just doing their job and didn't want to put up a fight and get them (and myself) in any trouble. But still, taking photos with you guys is one of the biggest highlights. I love, I mean LOVE, meeting you!

Dad got given one of these, hahaha. I don't think they knew whether to categorise him as crew or artiste!

I wasn't allowed out to watch the other performances but I did get to meet some people back stage which was really cool. Everyone is really so friendly and nice - its so nice that we can all share music together and it was just a really nice atmosphere. Very lucky to have been able to be a part of it all. I sincerely hope I can do something like this again!

Love love love!
Ming xx


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  1. Sieg Delacroix29 May 2012 at 22:13

    Your waist is like so small! You seem to be very comfortable with public performances already :D


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