02 December 2012

Awards Awards Awards!

AHH THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Once again I would like to say the BIGGEST THANK YOU to all my supporters and of course to ELLE for the lovely award! I really do have the most sweetest, amazing fans ever - I'm a very, very lucky girl! I am so grateful. Wish I could have been there to accept the award in person but I thought I'd share with you the video played at the award ceremony! (By the way, the theme was neon which is why I said I was there in spirit - WAHOO PINK JEANS!).

Thankfully Eric was there to collect the award for me! However dad brought it up to Taiwan for me today so I finally got the chance to see it in person! Amazing. Thank you guys so much - I hope I can continue to produce music that provokes something in you and continue to strive forward for you! It's all for you guys! <3


I just had to

What is this! Nominated for another award!? Guys - seriously. You are so amazing. I'm so happy to be nominated for m:idea Youth Choice Awards 2013 under 'My Incredible Teen Icon'! It's tough competition but as its all done by public votes, I know I stand a chance as you guys are just so incredible!

TO VOTE CLICK HERE: www.mideayouthchoice.com/voting

Thank you all so much for your support! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH.

Ming xx


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