01 December 2012


Ok - The quickest update ever. I'm super busy at the moment and SUPER frustrated that I can't share any interesting photos of what I've been doing with as its supposed to be 'top secret' stuff (yah yah yah..) :(. SO INSTEAD I've decided to compile a few photos of food and me on my intense lessons here (cause you know how interesting it all is!) and I'll share more 'behind the scenes' footage as things get released - how does that sound? I've been super duper busy so this is gonna be a quicky with mainly photos and less .. err.. ming-ranting.

LETS BEGIN! A snapshot of life in Taiwan (minus the music video shoots, most classes and photoshoots). Oh, these photos are gonna be quite messy too. I'll blog properly soon I promise! (Although I always say that :\).

Upon arrival of our new Taiwan Apartment we were presented with these bad boys.

Oh and this is totally an excuse for me to upload more food photos. We managed to find a healthy lunch spot! I love variety!


Oh yes. Don't think mum and I ever leave any left overs. The food here is AMAZING and the people are so friendly! We tried to hurry out cause there were a queue of people at the food court and they were like NO YOU STILL HAVE DESSERT DON'T RUSH FOR OTHERS. We were like :| oh. They are so so sweet and always offer free dessert and don't rush you, even in the smallest of places.

Also got to experience my first ever Korean Pop Concert! 2NE1!! I am now a big fan!!

Post concert with a flyer #hardcorefan #yesijusthashtaggedmidpost.

Waffles! They. Are. EVERYWHERE. Apparently Taiwan are quite famous for them but having said that, Taiwan is famous for lots of things. The street food here is to die for. If you like Asian food and haven't been to Taiwan yet you haven't LIVED! (Food wise.. that is ..). When my sister comes to visit I'll be doing a huge foodie tour so I'll post more about the street food then!

At the famous Ding Tai Fung!

Our standard Teppanyaki dinner at the food court!
 Meal sizes are huge here. It's amazing. I love asian food.

How gorgeous is Dazzling Cafe!? Known for their amazing Honey Toasts (If you tell me you're not drooling looking at that peanut butter chocolate piece of heaven I don't believe you). I'm 100% 1000% 1000000000% going back to try it! With a bunch of girlfriends. Maybe after we've finished all the music video shooting..

In the meantime we've found amazing salad/sandwich havens to occupy ourselves with (we've got to be healthy sometimes!).

I can't dance. I can't. Well, I can belly dance (ish - I like to think I can) but these classes are so so super hard. Did I mention I may be (MAY- MAY BE) dancing a little in an upcoming music video? :X. I really hope no one from the management team reads my blog.. but yeah you can look forward to me looking like an absolute cluts on camera. It's going to be crazy.

More fun times during practice. I forgot my capo and had to make do the only way we asian singers know how.

Chopstick and rubberband style!

Asian/Italian pesto pasta take out. I literally love all the round 'delicious' labeled tubs most of the food come in here. It's so cute!


Me getting creative in the kitchen - my breakfast starter (and yes I do own a pink spork).

Ahhh SO MANY PHOTOS. Ok. Thats it. I'm taking some out but you can always log onto my twitter/instagram for more weird and wonderful things! This is mum and I at the famous Coffee Alley (with my part 1 strawberry blonde hair!)


Sexy. I'm such a strawberry girl. I love strawberries. Strawberry tarts are my ultimate fav and this was like one huge strawberry tart with custard and icecream hidden beneath a layer of sugary fresh goodness mmm mmmm mmmm. Come visit me! I need a reason to go back!

Off to dance class!

Another cute restaurant by the work office!


Meetings meetings meetings..

Mum and I messing around during my first drama lesson. Intense one on one 3 hour type drama lesson. And yes maybe it did include me dancing around like crazy to music while my mum and my whole management team watched. Was actually really cringe but managed to get through it! No one tells me anything beforehand I swear!

Getting emotional..

I think this is post-crying. It got super intense and we went through the emotions of some of my songs and I just broke down at one point - I was so embarrassed. I'm happy that my teacher saw the positive side of this and told me I was letting out. Thank gosh for drama.  It was actually such an eye opening lesson - I've had 2 more since.

At another lesson with my gorgeous teacher!

MY FIRST TASTE OF GINGER DUCK HOT POT! Sooooo oily but super yummy. I didn't think too much of the duck itself (I have to be honest here..) BUT THE DUCK MEAT BALLS. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

(These are not the duck meat balls..)

Yummo! Round 2.

At another class..

PRACTICE TIME! Getting into the song..

What passion! What emotion!

A little guitar playing..

Ok maybe not the best set of photos but I thought they were pretty funny (well to me - its midnight and anything is pretty amusing at the moment! :P).


A very, very happy bunny
NUTELLA MARSHMALLOW MILKSHAKE! They literally did that thing where they roast the marshmallows before so they were all gooey inside oh my gosh. I'm getting so hungry thinking about it it was THAT GOOD. I don't get how people can drink one of these slowly, I can't stop until its all gone :(. I have control issues. In my defense I think that was my first milkshake in almost a year? I deserve it!

French toast (made healthy with fruit, of course).

Mum decided to go all strawberry to make me jealous but I most definitely won the award for best drink. How cute are the napkins!

Urgh so delish.


Excuse my unmadeup face.

YUM!  They were huge. Ok you're probably super bored now and my other photos consist of funny looking japanese food which I had to eat but the photos really don't look that appealing so..

I think its time for bed. NIGHT GUYS. Hope someone actually enjoys this random update - I will post some normal posts soon I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE!

But for now follow me on twitter for updates on everything @mingbridges and I am OBSESSED with instagram so follow me there too!

Lots of love. Miss you all so so much!
Ming xx


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