25 November 2012

Hair Transformation - Part 2

Bye bye strawberry blonde!

A few of you were asking how I spent the 5 hours while my hair was getting done so, this is it! I was practicing my lip singing skills for the MV shoot! There's actually a lot of things you have to prepare before 'heading to work' that you don't really think about until you get to it and you're thinking "crapsticks, I really could have done XYZ". So for the music video I pulled out the works: singing in the mirror (cause I don't totally do that anyway..), seeing how I look when I make weird faces, memory bank of different emotions, making sure I remember how I recorded the track (as I sing it differently everytime I perform depending on how I'm feeling), etc etc etc... and, wait. Isn't this post about my hair?! Ok. MY BAD. That is how I spent the time anyway (until they made me take my head phones out then I was left once again - just me and my green tea)

And some pretty things. Pink!


TADAAAAA! Ok I know it may look EXACTLY THE SAME as it was before but they assured me its not (and whipped out a colour chart to prove it!). It's more of a light chocolate (lets call it milk chocolate to make it sound pretty), but in the sun it goes a bit reddy. Mahogany? Who knows. They said it would get lighter the more I washed it so the next few days consisted of me keeping it all up to preserve the colour for the MV shooting.

Post styling

TADAAAAA! What do you think? They say it makes me look more my age! I was a little skeptical about returning to my Roxy R.E.M fringe but change is good! They're the pro's anyway and don't you just love that fresh feeling of getting a new chop?

Ok I promise I don't randomly just go to parks and do massive photoshoots. Yes yes, it's for the blog but we ended up having an hour and a half wait on our hands before the meeting so decided to kill some time and explore!

The gang

Me and my new friends!

Girl on right judging me completely (I don't blame her).


So what do you think of the final product? Did they decide well? I feel like such a dolly hah! NEW ALBUM HERE WE COME!

Love love love!


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