13 November 2012

New Album, New Beginning (Taiwan/Japan)


I've just looked through my photo album and there is no way 500 photos are going onto this blog post :|, but I'll try my best to give you a little taster of the start of the new journey (wahoo!).

FLYING TO TAIWAN. TO LIVE. TO LIVE .. IN TAIWAN. STAYING IN TAIWAN. Not permanently - don't fret my beautiful lion city - but going to Taiwan to release a chinese album!? A whooleeeeee different ball game :|. A crazy, crazy, mandarin ball game that I need to learn to understand. AH MY GAWD. Arrived. Went to the office. Taipei 101. Teppanyaki. Cold Stone. Sleep. Up. JAPAN!

My rather nice buffet breakfast before heading off - how cute is the seating arrangement!

Just too cool.

HOW COOL IS JAPAN AIRLINES!? Firstly they gave me a free flowing supply of macha green tea AND they served SO MUCH miso soup as well. AND look at their super high tec plane camera! It shows you the outside activity! So cool! It was amazing while landing, haha (you can imagine my excitement as we got closer to the ground).


I'm not going to go into the sad sob story details about how I've from young always wanted to go to Japan and never been allowed and almost broke down crying when I found out I was going for work... BUT I was sooooooo excited to go to Japan! However, I did have to put my handmade print out booklet back in the cupboard as it was purely for work. The first day was spent running around and I didn't even get to eat from 8am - 8pm! Pretty intense!

HACHIKO! Yes I pretended to be Richard Gere but it wasn't the same without the old fashion train :(
BASICALLY we were here to go shopping! But it was 'planned' shopping, meaning the company knew where they wanted to go and what they wanted to get! I was informed before I went that I'd have 'allocated meal times and toilet breaks' so I knew my plees to go to any sort of pokemon/hello kitty shop would probably not be such a good idea... Alas, there is always next time! The next series of photos are SO disorganised and probably many illegal (Got told to put the camera away so many times its a joke). My apologies. 

One of 500 million trying on photo shots I had to take! I LOVE THIS JUMPER ITS SO CUTE (but I am sadly still without it!)



AHH CUPCAKES. The concept stores were AMAZING.

This was hilarious. I was so, so tempted but.. the price just didn't match how funnily cute it was unfortunately! Gotta sing a little more first!

So hot

Ok, last cool changing room shot I PROMISEEEEE!

I was so tempted to get this and dress up - so close.

OK THIS WAS SUCH A COOL STORE. We went at like, midnight and it's huge, like, HUGE with everything you could possibly imagine in it. Every single iphone case that I've ever found and wanted online was in here - every single fredflare type item, quirky, weird, funny, cute, EVERYTHING. I took a bajillion photos but I don't wanna bore you so just trust me on this one - find this weird quirky store cause I don't know what its called.

Made me laugh

The store was literally called 'CLUB KT' lololololololol.

This TV is cheaper than a dress. What.

That guy is like 'whaaaaaaaat'
This store was really cool. My stylist brought us here and told me that Rihanna and Lady Gaga always come and visit and I could see why. The clothes were cool. Very cool. Too cool for me, haha. At one point this guy who has appeared in loads of music videos was there too - I didn't make eye contact, haha. I was too excited running around and was so embarrassed :(.

Mickey Mouse who?

I think I tried on so many hats on this trip. I'm just not a hat person unfortunately :\.

Waiting around shots.. waiting around.

FINALLY GOT A BEANIE! Ok they may not suit me but this one was cool. I didn't upload the mass-hat-attack photos but lets just say If I looked good in flat caps and big beanies.. there would be a lot more starwars-esque items in my closet at the moment.. lets just leave it at that. NOW LETS LOOK AT SOME FOOOD!

Take away for 2
I unfortunately didn't get much of a say with food so I just followed with what the team wanted to eat! We did get to go to a few really cool places though and after a lot of pleading, I managed to get my sushi meal (thank gosh!).

May have been a little too hungry...






They also had super duper cool vending machines which were touch screen and all electro-cool. You press the drink you want and it came up all big on the screen and rah rah rah. Very cool.

And the toilets. Of course - so cool. I was very nervous about pressing all the buttons. Got in one picture of a sink. Auto-water-auto soap-auto-handdryer in one.

The Japanese are so organised as well! Look at their little toilet system in one of the malls!

Oops whats this photo doing here. Oh.. erm, well. Yeah.

This place was amazing! 24 hour Ramen noodle bar!

You press what you want and get a little ticket.

SO CUTE! Your own personal booth!

Don't judge me. 

They shut the curtain after to give you a little privacy, hehe. Cute cute cute cute cute!

Ok the convinient stores were STACKED with ultra cool stuff - millions of flavours of everything, 'medicine' areas filled with .. beauty shots? 'Hot fridges' (not sure how else to describe them) where you can grab a coffee and go.. so much stuff! Mum and I tried one of the beauty shots - we are still alive, soooo..

On the streets of Harajuku!

This place was really cute too - every place was cute! They were all in little alleys, small doorways, tucked away and then you go inside and BOOM. Food heaven.

Another meal - my first taste of beef tongue - surprisingly good!

I tried with this photo, I really did.

 There are a gazillion photos more but I just wanted to give you a little taster of what I've been up to. UNFORTUNATELY I cannot share any of the actual shopping photos (where I wasn't goofing around while waiting..) as they're going to be used for, erm, other purposes (hehehehehehe - SO EXCITED!). It's a completely new look which I too am not too sure about so, its a surprise for both you and I, I guess!

So the team went to get the last few bits and bobs and Mum and I went for her first neoprint experience. MAN I've missed this! The one at cineleisure isn't there anymore? Does anyone know anywhere else that has cool ones in Singapore?


Was told these were amazing. Was a little disappointed when I bit into one though, maybe I bigged it up too much in my head. Mum felt the same.


AHH SO MANY COOL FLAVOURS! We got 2 boxes of these hahaha.

Anddd a few of these mega big boxes as well. Strawberry, Green Tea, Sakura and Cheesecake. The strawberry is delicious delicious delicious. I'm such a strawberry girl.

And with that it was goodbye Japan! We were served a delicious meal on the plane of fish, rice and a really cute bento box with loads of different goodies. I inhaled mine so this is what was left to take a photo of - my bad. Its a good thing though - last year in Taiwan I was told I was too fat, this year I lost weight for my return and now I'm too thin - you can't win! But not all is lost - STREET FOOD HERE I COME!

Hair transformation is currently in process - for those following me on instagram and twitter you've probably seen a little taster of whats been happening but for those who arn't, I'll do a little post on it once its done and I've been given the go ahead!

Thank you all for your recommendations in Japan and lovely messages this week! Missing you all loads - so glad we can go through this journey again together!

Ming xx.



  1. This has to be my favourite blog post from you so far maybe cos i've been wanting to go to Japan myself :) Your mum is so hip haha.

  2. Really enjoyed reading your blog. Hope you can keep it going as you get busier. Stay cool n personal always ya ;-)

  3. You are really pretty! I enjoy your sass in this blog!

  4. I think the "weird quirky store" was Don Quijote, a Japanese chain. Did you go to the one in Shibuya? Here's the store's site: http://www.donki.com/index_en.php


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