10 November 2012

The First Taster

Last day in Aus!


After months and months and months I can now present you with the first few tasters of SPANKING NEW MATERIAL!! 

The good news: I've put my heart and soul into this new album, its something different, I feel its more 'me' and I really can't wait for you guys to hear it.

The bad news: To all my purely english speaking fans, this is going to be an all mandarin album. But we may translate some of the new songs if need be - you never know - everything seems possible and unpredictable in this crazy industry so I really hope you stay with me and enjoy the new music! 

HERE IT IS!! 淚若雨下 - Unplugged!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - Do let me know what you think!

Even more exciting news ... *drum roll* ... the song is being featured in a new taiwanese drama. SO. AMAZINGLY. COOL. You can have a look at the trailer (as well as sneak a little listen to how the full song sounds like - although it sounds a little more emotional on its own!) here:

Leave me a comment below or write to me on twitter here. You can also now check out my instagram photos online - horah! View them here (although I highly recommend getting instagram - its so addictive and inspirational - love love love it!)

I shall now end the post with a few last day photos from aus. Just incase, you know, you wanted a little look at some of the beautiful colours!

Post-birthday glow

 And in true Ming singer/foodie fashion - My last breakfast at Avenue Road Cafe!

Eggs Benny

Sydney has one of the best eggs benedicts in the world - trust me on this one.

Dad winning the prize of best meal order of the morning

How amazing does this fruit salad look!?

What a sight. One of my favourite places in the world <3

I'm now currently on the move but will be posting up a blog post on the last few days soon so stay tuned!

Lots of love, as always
Ming xx.



  1. Love the song! Unplugged sounds awesome!

  2. Have an all english album next please! :)

  3. Nice song, after listen it let me feel comfort, :)

  4. Hey ming! Your voice is sweet. the song is awesome!

  5. This unplugged version's song makes me feel touch..like it when i listen for the first time..keep it up !! :)


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