31 March 2014

It's Been A While...

So I decided blogging isn't really my thing. I get too caught up in trying to capture every part of my life in my blog that I start getting too stressed even before I start. But having said that, I have this constant nagging urge to just suck up the courage to come back.. because.. I miss you guys! Sure sure I'm pretty active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook but..


Once again I don't have any specific topic I shall cover except random updates of the wild scary day-dream life I lead. A lot has happened since my last post. New album, got a lot healthier after finding out about a lot of my allergies and sugar addictions (don't cry for me, Argentina), MTV session (CRAZY), magazine shoots, FHM COVER?!, festivals, Chinese reality dating show (didn't see that one coming, now did we?).. I just feel like I've missed out sharing a lot of silly things with you all! Give me a chance to make it up!

Last three days have been a whirlwind ride from being in Hong Kong for the Hong Kong Asia Music Festival, to Singapore for the MG[Acts] event to support their show and St. Luke's Hospital charity (they said it wasn't possible, but we made it! 3 hours sleep, baby!) and now I'm fresh off the plane in Taipei for 2 more weeks of cray-cray dancing (Still can't dance) and mandarin lessons. THEN BACK TO SINGAPORE FOR...

H2O MUSIC FEST! At WAVEHOUSE so you can get into the water festival spirit.. bring on the water balloons! Performing alongside FAR EAT MOVEMENT OHHMAAGADD. And you can win tickets to see your favourite gal in action!

THE BIG Q: Which song of mine was recently No.1 on HOTFM's HOT 30 COUNTDOWN Charts?

If you know the answer, send it to contest@fmmusic.com.sg for a shot at being one of 6 lucky winners!!

Or if, you know, you can't wait.. go to Event Clique to purchase your tickets now (Standard at $35, $60 and VIP at $75, $140).

Find out more at the official Celebrate Songkran website! They posted such a sweet write up of me! Like, I'm blushing, even now..

Anyway, to top off the post here is a remix I just got sent which is TOTALLY COOL. I wonder where they got the photo from? I'm not one to question! Next single? 

Lots and lots of love!
Ming xx



  1. Wah you really took a year! How's your hypothyroidism now? Noticed you seem to have some puffiness around your face.

    Miss having your updates in words rather than pics in Instagram (not that it's a bad thing) :)


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