24 March 2013

March Taiwan Photo Diary

Dress from Jones&Jones

Halloooo again! Another blog post in two days, what what!? SO I went back to Taiwan. Enrolled in a mandarin course (you know, casual) and am currently continuing with a bit of promotion and writing, dundundun, NEW MATERIAL WOOO (so exciting!). And a few other exciting projects. Exciting exciting exciting! But busy. Very, very busy..

My b-e-a-utifulllllllllll unaaaaaay that I have come to know and love!

Finding out that N.T.N.U stands for National Taiwan 'Normal' University at the metro station, hah! Not sure if thats such a good thing but I'm sure they don't strive to be normal.. maybe a.. er.. miscommunication problem somewhere.

Daily life. I LOVE SNAPCHAT. I AM A VERY ANNOYING SNAPCHAT PERSON. BUT I LOVE IT! (With a few of my new friends, heh heh heh..). Sharing a little insight to my snap chat life!

So. Hard.

Spicing it up with a beginners pronunciation lecture and this happens. We have to get up and go shopping! I love mango's .. I like things that start with M :| (wait should I think this comment through before saying it? It's currently 4am.. Ming, Minnie Mouse, Magic, Music, Monkies, Mars Bars, Marvel, Mermaids, Marie Antoinette.. I think I'm pretty safe..) AH WOULDN'T IT BE COOL TO HAVE ONE OF THOSE 'COME AS A NOUN STARTING WITH THE LETTER ___' PARTIES!? No? Just me? Ok I'll shut up now.. :(.

Ok I gotta stop with the snap chats.. but look what a beautiful day it was! (My friends must love me and my interesting updates). The weather in Taiwan has been seriously unpredictable. One day I will be so, so cold and the next finding a way to fashion my jeans into a pair of not so silly looking.. er.. 3/4 jeans hahaha.

Standard healthy bento box on the go at school. I TRY GUYS I TRY!

But I'm still working in between all this school shenanigans! It is stressful but I'm no workaholic for nothing. I think if I wasn't busy out of my mind I'd simply just find a way to make sure I was. Crazy? Maybe. Boring? Not a chance.

Me and the studio's pretty kitty after the shoot. I LOVE RAG DOLL KITTIES THEY ARE ADORABLE AND DON'T RUN AWAY FROM ME. I like cuddles.

Will post behind the scene photos as soon as the shoot is up! And speaking of furry friends..

HALLO LIDDLE BABIES!! YOU ARE SOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!! If you haven't you MUST head to tong hua night market and check out the beautiful babies at the back! In the past we always help rescue dogs who have been left and unwanted and also have a long line of great danes (we love our big dogs) but … but .. AH SO CUTE HOW CAN YOU RESIST!! If I end up moving into an apartment which lets me have a little friend I may just have to take one home .. or two.. or three.. (a girl needs her protection!).

This is what living alone and trying not to binge every night looks like. Master chef at work.

And then this is what living alone actually looks like. (Tried to take a photo to ask everyone what flavour to try and then ended up having all three HAHA oh Ming Ming Ming.. I do make myself chuckle sometimes - but they were delicious!).

From Juicy - ON SALE IN WHITE top here, shorts here or original here and here!

YAY NEW PAJAMAS. I love being a girl. I love how something so simple can make one so happy. It's very nice to feel happy!

Another attempted health meal. Veggie stir fry with sashimi on top (but lets be honest, we all know I made it just so I could use my cute apple bowl..).


Singapore Airlines is literally my home away from home and finding out (via twitter - I love technology! I love talking to you guys!) that I had been not only featured on their inflight entertainment system BUT they had also kindly written a cute little write up with me PLUS a photo!??! OVER THE MOON I TELL YOU!

I've also decided to get into the Taiwanese spirit and, hehe, join the DRAGON BOAT RACING TEAM.

I know. Everyone I told either gave me a horrific look of shock ("You'll tan! You'll get bulky!") or burst out laughing - I don't know which is worse to be honest. BUT so far its going ok! It's challenging and I've got to say the 5:30am wakeup's ain't pretty. But its so nice being a part of a team and I'm starting to look forward more and more each morning to coming in and seeing the rest of my team mates and tackling through the challenges together (I ALWAYS work out alone - what's happening to me!?).

FAVOURITE crop leggings from here

Or maybe I just do it as an excuse to dress up as a gym barbie. YAY!

Eco Lunchbox from here
I CANNOT RECOMEND THIS LUNCH BOX ENOUGH IT IS SO SO CUTE, CLEAN&GREEN AND YOU CAN COMPRESS IT AFTER YOU FINISH USING IT!! So .. it gets smaller! Cool! It comes in other colours too but lets be honest - who wouldn't go for pink! Lots of versions here (click me)!

Went back to this hole in the wall restaurant my parents and I stumbled upon in my first few weeks of Taiwan when they came back to visit again. Was such a treat - one of the best meals of my entire life. I LOVE the omakase dining concept. Not only is it perfect for people like me who can't pick what to eat (there is too much good food in this world - a blessing and a curse) but it means you get to try exciting new things you probably never would have tried otherwise! (It's when the chef picks what he/she thinks is best for you eat and you just eat it). ANYWAY they must have given us some pretty spectacular stuff (well, it was, I almost cried at how good it was, and I'm not even exaggerating) because it turned out to be one of the most expensive meals OF MY LIFE AHHHH. But it was so yummy. So, oh, so yummy.


With some of my school friends, yay! I've ALWAYS wanted to go! Always been planning with my cousins to go in Singapore but it just never happened so it was so cool to finally say I've been. We went to Party World and good gracious me IT'S HUGE! Like 10 floors of karaoke rooms, HUGE food list, games, alcohol, the works! CRAZY! I'm not gonna lie though - had the time of my life rocking out to Britney, Backstreet Boys and Grease (the best!). And I am the worst karaoke singer (har-har-har, I know). But the worst ones have the most fun..

Jane and I

ALSO got my grandma butt out and followed the rest to a club! A CLUB!? I haven't been to a club since October and even then I walked out before midnight (so not your average 20 year old).

Very, very pretty. I love to dance. I held my bottle of water proudly and realised how amazing my new friends were for not peer pressuring me to drink. Love them <3.



BUT YES as I said before I am also now back in the studioooooo - horah! Currently recording some new demos for later projects - it's all in the beginning stages but that's when it's the most exciting because there is so much room for creativity and you just don't know how things are going to end up.

Eric and I

Management decided it was time for yet another hair transformation. AND MY EYE BROWS!? I'm not going to lie I was more scared about my brows than anything else. Everyone has that one favourite thing about themselves. I really like my eyebrows.. (don't judge me - theres gotta be more brow lovers out there too YOU GUYZ CAN RELATE).

Wednesday from the Adam's Family?
Darker! I was in shock after having spent the end of last year having my hair bleached and bickered over how light it should be! But change is good I guess! My hair reminded me loads of Wednesday from The Adam's Family. "At least you don't look like Uncle Fester". My friends are so supportive.

Shot at such a quaint little studio the other day for the new promo shoot. I'm really excited about this one guys. Like, really excited. It's so much more my style and what I'm into right now. Very eager to share BUT I CAN'TTTT RIGHT NOW! So I'll have to leave you with this awkward crop (and hope I don't get into TOO much trouble for it - the things I do for you guys! Hehe!).

Kr@zy K00l

YAY! Was also featured in ST Digital Life last week! Thank you so much for the lovely article (and telling everyone how fast I eat - worst first date quality ever and now its out for the world to know!).

Also got taken to what I was told by none other than Jaycee Chan himself to be one of the best Beef Noodle Soup's in the world!

To be honest I'd go back just to eat from their lovely China again. It's to die for!

I love veggie sides - that added little bit of 'I'm trying to be healthy, but this is actually pretty healthy, if I wasn't eating everything else as well..'.

Gotta hand it to him, that was some pretty delicious Beef Noodle Soup. 

OK I can't believe I haven't posted about this yet but I MADE MY FIRST APPEARANCE IN AN ACTUAL MOVIE! A HORROR MOVIE! Which means I have yet to have watched it .. (but you know, its really just because I haven't been in Singapore I swear..) but Eric sent me the tickets (or, this photo of them, hehe) so next week FINGERS CROSSED if it's still out in the cinema I shall be making my way down to check out my few seconds of gore! So thankful to have been given this amazing opportunity during my busy album schedule to be a small part of this amazing project. Thank you!

Here is my mini 'making of' on youtube:


Again, thank you so much M:Idea's and to all my lovely fans for the 'My Incredible Teen Icon' Award. Seriously - the fact that you guys go online and vote for me for an award with a title that amazing is beyond me. I really hope I can continue to inspire you through my music and our connection continues to grow stronger and stronger. You really make me so happy - I just hope I can continue to do the same back. AND WE CAN LOoOooOooVE EACH OTHER.

"and that's show biz,  kid" - (Love that musical).
Til next time,
Ming xx



  1. Can I ask you a question? I am not hating on you or something but I found older pics from you on this page
    and its obviously that you lost soo much weight since then...! Why???? You looked a lot more healthy back then. You always was very slim even then but now your really toooo skinny...a lot of people even call you anorexic. so you want to look like a sick person? gain some weight please...its not that you cant gain weight like some people..who eat and eat and still skinny...I mean you cant say that about you because in the pictures back then I see that you had a little bit more on your body than you have now! I mean you are 1,70m and weighed 52kilo wich is ok I mean its not very much but ok like ok she is very skinny but it dont looks unhealty...but now I mean come on...how much do you weigh? 40kilo or something...really girl gain something. your sister looks a lot more healthier than you...your legs are just sticks...

  2. woo....you are so hard that to learn chinese in Taiwan!!!

  3. so you also have studied in National Taiwan Normal University????

  4. Nice post ....


  5. Hey there, you're awesome in Ghost Child. I watched this movie today and you just acted well =) just tell you~ hope your everything will be so so so so good!~ Good luck and have a nice day ;)

  6. Hey I'm trying to stop my yoyo dieting and want to lose weight and fats fast. Any workouts or diets or tips? Pls help me :(

  7. I think there is a mistake in your Chinese Textbook. It should be romanised as Wo3 He2 Ge1ge not Wo3 Han4 Ge1ge. Hope this helps

  8. Hi! I'm a really big fan of you! May I know how you managed to lose fat without gaining much bulky muscles? Like what exactly did you do? I've read up on so many generic answers and I've tried so many diets and workouts but not seeing much difference ): Especially for the thighs and butt. I commented on another post previously but I reckoned it was a lil too old. I would really appreciate your help thanks!

  9. so beautiful~

    Regards, www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  10. I’m definitely going to look into it. Really very useful tips are provided here Advanced Cantonese Course


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