22 March 2013

February Singapore Photo Diary

Gorgeous dress courtesy of Jones&Jones

I'm sorry I'm sorry! I DID WRITE BLOG POSTS I REALLY DID! But every time I went back through them they just seemed so pointless and .. pointless! Didn't really want you all reading pointless stuff now did I? I shall compensate by including some photos from Singapore in Feb and then follow up with some of MY NEW ADVENTURES IN TAIWAN WAHOOO! Enjoy! I love you all <3

Did a little visiting trip around the stations to see some of my friends and do a few interviews!

HAH. Eric (manager) and I laughed over this 'OMG' button for ages. Such humorous people! Eric also laughed over the fact that I was talking to all the Indian guards in mandarin (its ok, apparently they were very amused - kept forgetting I wasn't in Taiwan anymore!).

YAY FAMILY WAS FEATURED IN THE SUNDAY TIMES! Was kinda cool/weird doing an article with the fam but our little awkward family photoshoot made the whole thing worth it. Yes we had to do the whole 'hahahaha we are having so much fun hehehe this is so awkward haha why are we laughing' thing which then made us laugh even more because my dad was SO HORRIBLE AT IT (sorry daddy hehe) but it was so so funny!

My sisters original answer (which mum made us remove) HAHAHA. NOW THAT should have been published.

Also got the opportunity to special guest in the new show 'LOL TOGGLE' which is 'an infotainment TV show of what's in and what's happening in Singapore' (super super funny). You can check them out on Facebook here and on their website here. AND Facebook has just told me that you can see a sneak peek of my episode here! Everyones currently asleep while I'm typing this so I can't check it out before you do.. dammit! Hopefully nothing too cringe worthy.. I still get nervous during interviews. They lie when they say this all gets easier!



So sweet coming to support me and baring gifts! My favourites! Food! Hello kitty! Pink! YOU GUYZZZ KNOW ME SO WELL!!

Interviewed by the lovely Judee Tan!


How gorgeous is the studio setting! I'm so excited to watch their show they had some crazy crazy stuff!

Dolcetto by Basilico @ The Regent Hotel

Hmmm what's next! Ah! Thought we'd get some 'father daughter' time in while we could! Dad brought me out to try some new lunch places. This one was SUPER EXPENSIVE but how cute are all their goodies!

It must be getting pretty well known as I saw it featured this month in a magazine as one of the new 'go-to' places to eat! Might be worth trying out on a special occasion. We went back to grab some yummy cakes for CNY which were THE BOMB.

Benjamin Brown's

Mmmmmmm I love sticky toffee pudding. And this wasn't any normal sticky toffee pudding.. ohhhh nonono, don't be fooled. The ice-cream was HONEY FIG and literally oozed out some gooey yummy caramel stuff. Urgh. Delicious and messy. Just the way I like it.

Okay so AFTER ALL THAT I did try and be healthy. But its not really healthy when you get healthy stuff and then eat it all in one go. Doh.

On to plan B..

MY NEW SHOESIES!! I love them! It's true that getting new gym gear is such BIG BIG motivation to go out and get fit! I was so fit during the summer and it was so nice just trying to get back into it all again! I get bored of things so easily so I love mixing fitness workouts. What's your favourite thing to do to keep fit?

Obsessed with these Ball Mason jars! You can find them here on amazon!

Halloooo interviews!

Mum told me not to put this up but I think it is very important for ones fans to see a singer at her best.

WENT TO MY FIRST MAAD EVENT! With my gorgeous eurasian gal pal Becca! It was actually really cool. A market once a month featuring loads of local brands, designers and artists. It was a lot of fun! Who doesn't like a bit of late night shopping?

Also made a quick trip to my happy place.. it took so much planning to even get down there. 1 hour of play time and then had to rush back to a last minute meeting (what a life huh), but alas, I was very thankful to get to go with my cousins. Themepark's make me SO HAPPY. The music makes my heart do backwards flips and I get so excited. It's so fun embracing your inner child and running around like a crazy kid high on sweeties. NO SHAME. NO. SHAME.

The height of coolness

Gorgeous meal at KU DE TA - grandma was visiting! Singapore you are so unbelievably gorgeous!

Birthday dessert for my friend Alex at this beautiful restaurant called Valentino's! You can read my friend LadyIronChef's review on it here. He says its one of his favourite restaurant's in Singapore! My parents were so jealous - dad's in love with the place (and I could see why)! Definitely one to go back to!

YAY FINALLY MADE IT OVER TO GARDENS BY THE BAY! One again due to meetings the trip was short lived but I was so excited to get to go (thanks grandma for loving food just as much as me). We made our trip to POLLEN.

Beautiful? Yes. Pricey? YES. Worth it? OHHH YES.

They have a set lunch menu and ohh my goody goody goodness I love food presentation. The instagram crazy girl inside of me goes wild!

Such a lovely treat from my parents. It's so nice to be able to go out and have a beautiful meal once in a while with people you love. Was really something special just to even have the time to be with them.

Although expensive you do get free access into the flower dome which (if I'm not wrong) costs 20 dollars per person.


Don't I just have the classiest grandma in the whole world? She's so elegant.

Wahoo! Behind the scenes of Campus Superstar! Was so amazing to get to be on the show! Was also my first performance EVER by myself playing my guitar STANDING UP! I know its weird but I just have never done that before.. (and yes I did take this as the perfect excuse to whip out a pink guitar strap.. GIRL POWER WOOOOOO). Not that girl power has to be pink but.. er.. it helps!

And thats it! I'll do a post with a few pics from Taiwan tomorrow and try to get back into the habit of keeping you guys up to date. I'M TERRIBLE I KNOW, TERRIBLE!!

Currently writing songs, learning mandarin and DRAGON BOAT TRAINING AHH! Things are very stressful but your lovely messages on twitter/Instagram/facebook are what keep me smiling. So thank you!

Remember to keep voting for me for the E-AWARDS here! And 'Sweet Misfortune' is the theme song for Media Corps new online show Get Social! ANNNNDDD I AM IN GHOST CHILD!! FOR ABOUT 5 SECONDS! I HAVEN'T WATCHED IT (not because I'm scared out of my mind even thinking about watching a horror movie..) because I haven't been in the country so let me know what you think! My first movie role!

Ming xx



  1. I've yet to go to the Garden by the Bay, figured it's one of those "Places to see before i die" kinda place, hah.

  2. Can I ask you a question? I am not hating on you or something but I found older pics from you on this page http://www.starnow.com/mingbridges
    and its obviously that you lost soo much weight since then...! Why???? You looked a lot more healthy back then. You always was very slim even then but now your really toooo skinny...a lot of people even call you anorexic. so you want to look like a sick person? gain some weight please...its not that you cant gain like some people..who eat and eat and still skinny...I mean you cant say that about you because in the pictures back then I see that you had a little bit more on your body than you have now! I mean you are 1,70m and weighed 52kilo wich is ok I mean its not very much but ok like ok she is very skinny but it dont looks unhealty...but now I mean come on...how much do you weigh? 40kilo or something...really girl gain something. your sister is healthier than you

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Love Carli, seriously fuck off, you got a problem with skinny? I am diagnosed with severely underweight, yet healthy, I don't see a fucking problem, the doctors don't see a fucking problem, so what's your problem? Screw off the way you came from. Being skinny does not mean unhealthy, how many years of education have you had? You seriously sound like a moron. You are not her, how do you know she isn't healthy, fucktard. Ming, stand tall and proud, you're an inspiration to all. DO NOT LET tryhards who desire your figure yet unable to get it get the better of you.:)

  3. hey babe! love your outfit where you peformed for campus superstar. mind sharing where you got your top and pants from? thanks a gazillion!

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