07 March 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY (And mother's day gift ideas!)

Hello lovely people! (SCROLL DOWN FOR MOTHER'S DAY GIFT IDEAS - second half of post!)

Dress from Zimmermann (similar here)

I've been a baddddd bad girl with the blogging haven't I? AND NOW I'M LEFT WITH SO MUCH TO UPDATE YOU GUYS WITH HOW DO I EVEN START!? I got a macbook air thinking 'this is great! I can blog everyday and it's so convenient!'. Did it happen? No. Doh!

I had a free 5 day break during work in Singapore so decided to fly out to see my family in Australia and my cousin's adorable little baby boy! I missed her wedding due to work and definitely didn't want to miss seeing her baby boy being, well, a baby! And of course this was definitely an excuse for mum and I to go crazy baby shopping for gifts (we are crazy people and we know it). OKAY SO THIS IS WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN.

1. I'll post a huge amount of photos and write some stuff about Australia (next few days)
2. I'll post another huge amount of photos about my time in singapore and write some stuff (errm, a few days after..)
3. Will update you with current happenings (ermm.. this weekend..?)
4. Will start updating weekly about TAIWAN AND MY MANDARIN COURSE AHHMAGAAD! But you can keep up to date with everything via my twitter @mingbridges (click here).


Day 1 in Sydney (where I was born and where some of my family reside) was Mum's birthday! So of course we did what our family does best (eat) and splashed out on a beautiful restaurant for her!

But first things first, mum and I hit the high street!

So tempted by the 'M' cutlery but AHH LOOK HOW CUTE DAT LWIDDLE BWABY OUTFWIT IS!!! 

Dad, the romancer! He's done it again! Got back home (to my grandmas) to find this lovely bouquet waiting for Mum! He was all upset about it though cause apparently it wasn't how it looked like online (rookie mistake) but we thought they were gorgeous!

Mum and I snap chatting on the way to dinner

 I had a dream I was snap chatting last night. Think this may be a sign to cut back.

The Dining Room - Waterfront restaurant at the Hyatt recommended by my cousin's family in Sydney. SO BEAUTIFUL!

They apologised for giving us this table but to be honest I thought it was the best table in the whole restaurant!


Natasha (cousin) and I

We'd have been crazy not to get some photos in on such a beautiful day. Look at that view!

The Birthday Girl and I!

Dress from Bec&Bridge

SO in love with the back detail on this dress. I just love love love Australian fashion, they have some of the most amazing designers. I literally always save up my money to shop here - It's so SO expensive but the quality and cut of the clothing is just out of this world. And its always so colourful and agh I love love love <3.

Ok I know my family all hate being featured on my blog but …

Mummy and Daddy

Natasha and I with Grandma (isn't she the most elegant grandma ever!?)

My Aunt and Uncle in Aus!

Stuart (cousin) and Grandma - Faulty GIF :(

The GIF site has gone all weird but this is still very cute! I love how they changed smiles at the same time!

PRESENT TIME! Mum = excited.

Dad = not so much. I LOVE this photo, hah!


So adorable! I love fancy restaurant birthday cake!

Dad = suddenly interested. HAH!

Hazelnut dacquoise, milk chocolate ganache

Hello, gorgeous! I love asking for the waiter's suggestion with desserts (they must be sneaking tasters all day - who wouldn't!?) and when he recommended this little fella you could just see that 'YOU MUST HAVE IT' look in his eye. Oh my gosh, I'd return just for this.


MORE PRESENTS! AND ALL THESE ARE FROM HER DARLING DAUGHTERS (poor Bianca couldn't be here as she's living the life up at uni in England). Went a little crazy buying gifts this year. Now that I'm working I wanted to get mum lots of things she'd love to show her how much I appreciate everything she does. What women doesn't love surprises and lots of things to open!

YAYYYY! Anyway, as it's close to mothers day I thought I'd share with you what I got her incase you needed some mother's day inspiration! (Click on caption if you want to find out where to buy online!)

1. Pajama's 

Victoria's Secret Pajama's

You can never go wrong with pajama's. Ever. Everyone always needs new pajamas cause they wear out so easily and theres nothing better than waking up feeling beautiful in new pajamas (please tell me its not just me).

2. Iphone/Ipad Stylus

Wacom Bamboo Solo Stylus

My mum is a gadget geek - loves all this practical machinery to help make life that little bit easier! I first saw one of these at a manicure place to let clients continue to use their phones while getting their nails done. For a mum obsessed with Candy Crush this was the ultimate dream!

3. Iphone Camera

BELKIN LiveAction Camera Grip for the iPhone

Love taking photos? Shakey hands? Perfect gift! Mum gets so frustrated when her photos turn out blurry on her iPhone but this bad boy is so convenient! When its photo time you can literally whip it out and pop it into your phone; it even goes on top of your iPhone case! Perfecto! 

4. The Portable Charger (SO ESSENTIAL IT'S A JOKE)

New Trent iCarrier 12000mph

55 HOURS of movie time - can charge two things at once, this thing is AMAZING! I wanted the best of the best for my mummy so I spent a lot of time searching. I currently have a 8000mph one that i bring with me everywhere (Damn those iPhone battery lives!) and she is constantly borrowing it so now she has something even better!

5. Electric Nut Butter Maker

Electric Nut Butter Maker

I mean, who DOESN'T want to make their own peanut butter! You can make any type of butter AHH HOW COOL IS THAT (ok, MAYBE an impulse buy but she got crazy excited too!).

6. Yoga Pants

Victoria's Secret Yoga Pants

Super comfy for everyday life or for a mum who wants to do some light exercise and wants something comfortable, stylish and fitting! Got mum a few pairs (she's my gal-pal yoga bud) in different styles. Their are a lot of amazing companies such as Gilly Hicks and the usual sports wear brands that have amazing styles! 

7. A book of places to eat

Where Chefs Eat: A Guide to Chefs' Favourite Restaurants

I am actually in love with this book. This was a 'bought to share' purchase. Actually I don't think it even made it into the gifts cause I was already reading it before we even got to Australia, hah! A list of restaurants around the world compiled by some of the top chefs in the world. LOVE IT! Had to include it on here cause it's such a good read. I'm crazy, I know.

8. Apple Peeler

Starfrit Pro-Apple Peeler with bonus core slicer

Sometimes it's the little things. In Taiwan (while mum was visiting) she went super crazy about peeling apples. "MUST REMEMBER", she'd say, and then go on to spending an hour trying to perfectly peel off the skin. Lets just say she was over the moon with this one…

9. Earphones

DVF Printed Lips Earbuds

Easy to put in your handbag and beautiful! Mum always wants to watch YouTube at the random-est of times and then complains that she can't hear properly or doesn't want others hearing. PROBLEM SOLVED MUMMY DEAREST. DVF is her favourite brand as well. The ones I got my mum are now ON SALE here!

Phew! And that's only the first day of 5! Will post more tomorrow - stay tuned!
Ming xx



  1. The two dresses you wear are so beautiful! I'm currently hunting for birthday dresses and I want yours! haha
    Happy birthday to your mummy!
    Fashion Ganache.

    1. Thank you! Good luck with the dress hunt!

  2. I loveeee that picture of your dad looking bored while your mom's so excited! Haha xx

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