06 March 2012

Some things...

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfD8d3XJok?wmode=transparent]

Let's see how this post goes...

Something that made me ooooh:


My gorgeous new rings from FEMMEX! They're so pretty, I've been wearing them so much recently! I especially like the heart arrow one as it's so unique. Actually who am I kidding?! I love them all!

Something I'm so grateful for:


I still can't get over them, the sound is AMAZING! They're so beautiful! I can't wait to get back into the studio to use them properly! Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Audio Technica are saints!

Something I'm working on...


...but you're gonna have to guess what it is! This should be a dead give away...


Can you guess? Let me know on twitter! Hehehe, I love games.

Something that I'm looking forward to:


Will be a really great event with a lot of sing-a-longs! I'm really looking forward to it actually.. will hopefully get a chance to see a lot of you there too which will be fun! It's on the 18th of March!

Something that I want to try:


How GORGEOUS is this high tea!? Makes me feel all happy inside just looking at it! Food, girly, fun, creative and it's FOOD! Hopefully it's as yummy as it looks!

Something I'm currently obsessed with:

Ok, although a lot of my songs are pretty emo, you must know by now there are a few thing's that I'm pretty girly with, namely, my undying love for hello kitty.


I've been wanting to do these for so so so long! So cute! I'm not afraid to act like a little girl when I'm happy and excited. I think that it's good to get excited, it makes things so much more fun! So yeah basically I ran around dancing and showing them off for the whole day (in true little girl fashion). So obsessed with them! Hopefully they don't deteriorate too fast :(. Anyway, very opposite to the angsty side in me which I'll be portraying more in my latest music video...

Something I read today:


I read it today on the TODAY paper, so it was on today's today paper! (hehe, so confusingly funny to say). Well thats a lie, I wasn't able to get it so I had to read it online but it was a really nice article about me, very happy :). Very sweet journalist!

Something I got to do again...



I was on the exact same show 5 years ago (how crazy is that!). It's so nice that I got to come back on now having released my own album. My first interview was super cringe too so hopefully it will be a funny comparison, haha. I've got to find it and upload it sometime so you can all laugh at how young and silly I was (cause I was indeed very young, and very silly :P). If you missed the interview and still want to watch it you can view it here by clicking the link and then clicking the photo of me: http://www1.channelnewsasia.com/amlive/2012/03/06/interviews-ming-bridges-in-our-studio/

Let me know what you think!

Something that made me laugh:



I never really get much feedback on my blog posts so I don't actually know if my writing skills are improving. I'd love to hear if theres anything you particularly want to know or like me writing about! It's pretty fun! I'm still so honored to be blogging for FEMMEX, a truly amazing clothing company! I've never been in there and not found something to fall in love with! Anyway, lets chat on twitter! 

'til next time,


ming xx



  1. sixtwentyseven6 March 2012 at 07:16

    Since nobody comments, I shall be the first one!As for the game show... let me guess....I was thinking in line with Mark Lee's former talk show "It's A Small World 国记交意所"

  2. Hi Ming, I love reading your update. Can you share more About what you do overseas? A young lady like you survivingIn a showbiz world, how much hard workYou would need to put in.Your music rocks! Take Care

  3. More updates please! :) Love your music and hope to hear more!I've been playing and replaying your songs since I heard about you.Diggin' the English songs ;)


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