28 February 2012


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Have I already used this song? Oh well, if so I'm using it again <3

Super busy week! Have been getting involved in loads of new projects that I'm very excited about! I actually took a load of photos to put up and then realised that I'm probably not allowed to show them until the publications come out... didn't think that one through, :(. But I did steal these off twitter!



A little sneak preview of the latest FEMMEX line that I did a shoot for with Olivia Sari-Goerlach (amazing photographer!)

Hmmm what else.. 


A lot of radio shows! They've been seriously fun and very scary! I'm still getting to grips with talking a lot and talking slowly. I'm quite a shy person but once I have something to say I speak really, really fast (so I'm at either extremes, not good!) so hopefully I'm getting a bit better!



Trying and failing at being cute, hahaha.

I'm also on this month's issue of ROMP! 


Woohoo! Really cool. I still need to find out where I can get one, my mum keeps asking me! 

Went to watch The Vow the other day when I got a little break and... it was good! But you know when everyone tells you a movie is going to be amazing and then theres that big anticlimax? I kind of let that happen, just a little. The concept was really good and it left me feeling sad for ages after, and although I did cry (I ALWAYS cry), it wasn't at my 'whaling' level, haha. I'd say it's still worth watching! Rachel McAdams is one of my favourite actresses! I still think its so much better when no one tells you anything, then you don't expect anything. It was a really good movie, and like I said, such a sad concept :(. Didn't really help that my friend kept looking at me to see how many times I'd cry haha, horrible people! 

What else... I've now joined instagram and it is SO fun! I've tried my hardest to be a little artistic, don't really know how it's going, hehe.


And thats it for the moment! I really liked writing my last post, I think I'll do another to do list soon! Hope everyone has a great week ahead!


Ming xx


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