12 February 2012

Pre-Valentines Day Post!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH3giaIzONA?wmode=transparent]

One of the greatest singers we have know, RIP Whitney Houston <3

Thought I'd start off the post with something I've purchased from FEMMEX but not had an opportunity to wear (cause its just always so damn hot here!)


Gorgeous isn't it! Maybe I'll get a chance to parade around in it in England when it gets a bit warmer or Singapore when it gets a bit cooler, hehe.

ANYWAY! Pre-valentines day fever is upon us and it's that beautiful time where things are all pretty and heart-shaped and pink everywhere you look. Even breadtalk!



Some lucky girl may even be getting this! Although, whoever buys it is going to have some time trying to get that out of Takashimaya, hahaha.


Although I believe that couples should feel like it's Valentines Day everyday, I think it's very nice to have a day dedicated to spending time together and remembering how much you love your loved one. But I personally would prefer getting flowers at a time when I feel sad to cheer me up rather than having someone spend three times the price on Valentines Day! Homemade gifts are so sweet and I really do believe that it's the thought and effort that makes something so romantic. I am indeed looking forward to hearing all the lovey-dovey stories from my friends. I think last year one of the sweetest ones was when my friend's boyfriend surprised her by cooking dinner - so sweet! I however will (hopefully) be cuddled up with my darling sister on the couch watching some soppy movie and eating lots of ice-cream (this is slowly turning into a not-so-good tradition, haha). I am indeed enjoying all the pink though! I also love looking at all the marketing idea's people come up with - some companies are so creative!

I did a little interview with Razor TV the other day for a Valentine's Special (basically me attempting to bake cupcakes). First of all let me tell you that I am a big rookie when it comes to baking, but it's so fun to experiment! After a little trouble we managed to save them and make them look presentable (which was a first!).



Pretty good looking bunch of cupcakes if I do say so myself. I just hope that they tasted as nice as they looked...


I then got to go on to the streets of Singapore to help spread the loveeeee. As per usual some people were very scared of the camera (and I don't blame them, I would have ran, haha). We managed to find some brave takers at the end! I also did a short interview as well. I'll be posting the link up soon if you'd like to take a look at how to make these cupcakes!

Anyway if I don't post sooner, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

I hope you have a wonderful day full of love with whatever loved ones that may be - lover, family, friends, etc.


Ming xxxx


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