12 June 2012

Foodie Adventures (London) - The Breakfast Club

Sorry I haven't blogged for so long! Have been super busy but get ready to have quite a few posts come your way.. Anyway! Thought I'd start by sharing the CUTEST little breakfast/brunch/eatery my friend Josh brought me to the last time I was in London town!

Pancakes and Bacon with Maple Syrup
 With one of most scrumptious, impressive breakfast menus I've ever seen (and you know its good when you find yourself taking photos of it to send to your sister), this places oozes with sunshine and that happy breakfast feel. The ingredients were super fresh and the standard of food and service was amazing! The staff were so friendly and welcoming it really gave it such a homely vibe.

As my first kinda 'food review' lets just see how this goes.. I'll start with food photos first! The pictures lie, the portions are SO MUCH BIGGER. None of us managed to finish!

Egg's Benedict

Chorizo Hash Browns

Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs (my regular)

Pretty Mint Tea!

The guys op-ted for a Cadbury's Caramel Chocolate which I ended up having a (little) taste of... HEAVENLY.

Breakfast Burrito
I'm having this baby next time.. but I'm sharing.. it was HUGE.

There was just so much to pick from, and they even had a pretty amazing looking lunch/dinner menu as well - what to do! If you're ever in the area, and I'm in the area, call me up and lets go!

Awkwardly forced into photos by me.. sorry guys!

All those sauces!

A very satisfied girl

How cute!


There are 4 different locations in London. The one I went to was in Soho and was super cute and easy to get into. However they do not take reservation and we went pretty later on so you probably wanna get there before you enter starvation mode, just incase. CHECK OUT THEIR MENU ONLINE! You Won't be disapointed!

The Breakfast Club - Soho, London
33 D'Arblay Street
020 7434 2571
(opening times on site)


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