03 June 2012

Let's Talk 你在囧什么

Made a little guest appearance on Let's Talk 你在囧什么, woohooo, more chinese! As promised, keeping my word on more blog posts I thought I'd post a few photos taken during the recording!

Me and my infamous honey water - warming up my chinese vocals
The special guests!
'play'-suited up

Me quicking questioning Xiaohan Laoshi as to what is actually going on (you know, just incase). Today's subject was about learning mandarin where I was to give some of my own opinions and tips and I was quite worried my mandarin wouldn't be up to scratch and I wouldn't be able to deliver my, errr, hopefully helpful tips!

Look at our cute little signs that we hold up when we have something to say!

Thinking of something interesting to say...

The 'students' were really funny! They all were really fun and it made the show so lively and fun. I litterally LOVED how colourful everything was and I was so happy I was actually starting to understand more and more what was going on in conversations. WOOHOOO!

Singing 'Some Guys'

With the hosts

Cute! Definitely my kind of Bartop

I love doing these shows. Literally the sets are so amazing I find it so interesting and exciting how they can make such intricate sets and set them up and take them down in the speed of light or even move them to different studios and from TV you would never even know. Very happy I got the opportunity to sing and practice my mandarin and hopefully give some good advice on learning mandarin. As I'm still in the process of learning I feel that my answers are as real as they get!

Will be airing on channel U soon!
Lots of love,
Ming xx


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  1. I used to study the Japanese language. Even though I could pronounce properly and could speak complete sentences, I sometimes still cringe a bit when I speak to my Japanese colleagues in their language. However, it's experience like this which helps us build courage in using the languages we have learnt.Given your position, it could have been a nerve-wrecking experience for me. But I believe I could overcome that as you have already done. You are really blessed to have a coach with you and to be given chances to muster your skills and courage on TV shows such as "It's A Small World" and "Let's Talk". Keep it up and never let your skills go to waste.Kai Siang


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