29 June 2012



During rehearsal

 I was fortunate enough to be taken along with the MediaCorp crew for the recording of the concert 'Starry Starry Night' in conjunction with CCTV stars. It was, amazing.

Literally just a short post to tell you all about the trip! We started off by going straight in for rehearsals. I was just BLOWN AWAY by the set. I'm sure you'll all be tuning in tomorrow but honestly, I can't wait to see how it all turned out because the lighting and effects were all so cool, so beautiful, so out of this world. ANYWAY.

Managed to go watch my first mandarin play. Yes - play. in. mandarin. It was... interesting. Very very funny (well the bits I understood) and it was like nothing I had seen before. It was like, 2 plays in one, and about each play competing for practice time on set so .. we just watched a bit of one play then a bit of another. Interesting concept!

We then got wooshed away to eat and it was about time! STARVING. Someone told me on the trip that apparently singers are always hungry. I don't really know if thats due to them dieting or due to them always moving around but maybe that explains it all! I'M ALWAYS HUNGRY!

This place was cool! I kinda sucked it up when they brought us to a place called 'Spice Spirit', as I'm not very good with spicy stuff but I thought I'd do my best. I wasn't the only one hungry by this point. It was so cool though having a timer on the table! I didn't know if I wanted the food to come faster because I was hungry or for it to be ages so the timer would run out and we'd get it for free! Very smart - kept us all entertained for far longer than it should of, hehe.

AND THEN WE ARE PRESENTED WITH THIS. And some bread. FISH SOAKED IN OIL. AND IT WAS DELICIOUS - but very, very sinful. I think this is probably a once a year indulgence, haha, although (as seen in my last post) we ended up having it again in Dalian. They ordered it for us! It wasn't our fault! Obviously a very big deal in China - I could see why! Yum yum yum.

Afterwards we did some walking around. I love street food!

There was also a famous hang out that we stopped by at called 'The Tree'. So popular that they had to open another hangout place right next to it called 'By The Tree'. This made me giggle. How cute!

We then went off to Dalian, and then came back! (Transitional post previously, hope this isn't too confusing!)

Off the rehearsals!

It was so strict. We arrived by bus and all had to go in together to avoid being shut out. And once you're in, you're in. The guards took no prisoners. Their arms were so straight and their moves so constrained. I don't know how they do it, I really don't! So much tolerance!

More pretty set photos, I won't give them all away! You have to watch the show, even if its just to see how beautiful and magical the sets are!

After rehearsal had some time to take a few snaps!

Darryl and I

They told me big hair and big hair is what I got!

Gurmit and I. SUCH AN HONOUR. My cousins, sister and I literally love him so much, I used to sing 'SARS is a virus' allllllll the time! It was so cool to get to meet him. I was giggling like a little girl afterwards.

Jing Lun and I

Lao Shi and I reunited!

Darryl showed me this in the waiting room - awesome!

Joi Chua and I after the performance - ready for the 'after party'!
The girls

Probably the only photo of Eric and I together from the whole trip!

Chong Qing and I

Things were so chaotic backstage, I can't even begin to explain! Finally managed to meet Bella right before our duet together and it was panic panic panic! She was so sweet and lovely though. We quickly sorted out what we were doing and then that was that! SHOW TIME! She told me not to worry, and that she was nervous too. So she took my hand, we wished each other luck and got into position.

Watch the show Sunday night on Channel 8 at 7PM! (Sunday 1st July)


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