01 July 2012


What could have been a better combination for a blog title!? OK so this has been a long time coming and I'm so so so x 100 sorry that I'm so slow (as always) with the blogging. BUT as promised, here are my easy recipies that I found to making this yummy (super duper easy) chocolate cake and these refreshingly healthy (healthy? what!?) popsicle sticks! SO GOOD.

Basically got the recipie from one of my favourite blog reads here. Looks A LOT better but hey, a girl can try right? I replaced the strawberry cake with chocolate cause the birthday boy I was cooking for turned out to be a chocolate on chocolate kind of guy (although I personally would have gone with the strawberry, nomnomnom!)

As stated on her page, its more of a 'how-to' than a recipe but all in all its definitely worth making! Chocolate cake, chocolate icing covered in gobsmakingly good chocolate treats. I used whoppers just because I passed Candy Emporium and realised that they actually had them in Singapore but it works with maltesers (and could potentially beat the whoppers) so, either way.

Although I love baking from scratch, the box cake mix idea was really appealing as it saved a lot of time and the pre-made frosting is recommended as the whoppers stuck a lot better to it! (Therefore you can use whatever cake recipe and buttercream you want to!).


- Bake the cake and let it cool
- Place cake on a platter and ice the cake

-Before the icing sets start a row of Whoppers/Maltesers around the bottom of the cake (resting each one on top of the plate but lightly pressed into the sides of the cake). Continue around the bottom and then add another row above the first and keep going until the sides of the cake are completely coated in Whoppers/Maltesers.
-Once covered, continue on the top until the whole cake is covered. I did mine in a circular motion working towards the middle.

AND TADAAAAAAA.. now wasn't that easy? This blog is making me really hungry, I'm so glad I have a dessert buffet date in a sec (but thats for another post..).

And now to get a little more fruity..

Berry Yogurt Popsicles. The best part? Their actually healthy! WOOHOO! (Over the moon with my new health kick). I got the recipe from this amazing website that not only provides yummy healthier versions of your favourite meals (and your soon to be favourites..), it also gives you the calorie counter and nutritional information so you don't have to guess around (especially if maths isn't your forte). You can view it here.

Once again I am working on presentation but pretty popsicle molds are hard to find! I got mine from Shermay's Cooking School located at Chip Bee Gardens (Holland Village).


For the purple:
- 1 cup blueberries
- 1/2 cup blackberies
- 6 oz fat free blueberry yogurt
- 1 cup crushed ice 

For the white:
- 14 oz fat free vanilla yogurt
- 2 tbsp agave or sugar
 - 1 cup crushed ice

For the pink:
- 3/4 cup raspberries
- 3/4 cup strawberries
- 6 oz fat free strawberry yogurt
- 1 cup crushed ice 

- Blend each colour smoothie separately in a blender and set aside
- Pour the pink smoothie mix into the popsicle molds 1/4 of the way and then put it in the freezer for 30 minutes. Remove from the freezer AND THEN insert the popsicle stick, and freeze again for one hour.

- Add the white smoothie mix into each popsicle mold 1/3 more of the way (so that 2/3s of the mold is full) and freeze again for another hour.
- Add the purple smoothie mix and fill it up to the top of the mold and freeze until ready to eat!
This recipe makes 16 popsicles and is 51 calories each!

WOOHOO! My first little recipe thing done! Not sure if it was at all that interesting but I hope you enjoy and if you have a free afternoon, definitely give them a go because they were delicious.

Ming xx P.S. You can continue to let me know on twitter if theres anything in particular you want me to (attempt to) blog about - just like these on instagram!



  1. hello which outlet did you get the femme top from? the one you posted on instagram yesterday! love it

  2. Cineleisure! :)

  3. Hey your a jet setter right? Could you do a post on like lounge/airport style? And the essential things to bring on a holiday and what to do on an airplane so the journey of traveling would be comfortable that sort of things? And also, how do you actually pack your clothes into your luggage, cause I believe everyone struggles to squeeze everything inside! Believe you have lots of knowledge on this since you travel alot, so pls do a post on this! Thanks :)

  4. Hi Ming, you sld totally do a fashion post since your style of sense is so good! Everyone definitely agrees! Show us your wardrobe! :)

  5. Where do you usually shop at? Provide us details on websites/labels that you frequent! Love your styyle and your so pretty!!

  6. So happy you liked the cake! Looks fabulous :)

  7. Kris: It is amazing!Kelly: Great idea! Will look into doing a post on it!Jon and Annabele: Aw thats so sweet of you both. Will do one tomorrow and look into doing more! I had no idea!

  8. What are some of your favorite blogs? For travel & lifestyle and food or fashion blogs? Looking forward to reading your fashion post! Remember to tell us your favorite shopping haunts!! ;)

  9. Hi Ming, what's the idea/story behind your warm honey lemon tea? You've mentioned before you drink it before every performance right? How do you make the honey lemon tea? Any recipe? Heard it has tons of health benefits and you can lose weight drinking it too!

  10. K: I visit so so many! I can do a post on them or try and add a blog roll once I figure out blogging a bit more! :)Shiberty: I'm going back into the recording room next week so I'll def do a post on all my favourite tea for you! :)

  11. Hi Ming! You've got so many blog posts you need to do from the fan comments! Hahah so famous! I hope you can do them anyway, so us fellow fans can learn more about you and for our own's sake, like travel and living and fashion etc! Lots of love from your fans!


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