15 July 2012

Foodie Adventures (Singapore) - DEAN & DELUCA

I was initially going to write about loads of cafes in a single post but... its a rainy afternoon, I'm sitting here with a cup of warm green tea with a whole bunch of yummy photos that need to be looked at!

DEAN AND DELUCA! Augh I just love cafes! My cousin had had her eye set on going ever since it opened so we made a date and then spent the next few days counting down and looking through pretty photos others had started to post online..

I love going to places that sell unique and beautiful products. I am SUCH a sucker for marketing. Packaging means so much. It's one of those places I could just spend hours wandering and looking through all the gorgeous little things on display. (I'm a regular culprit at Jones).

My cute little expresso shot! (I really didn't realise I was actually just going to be given an expresso shot, this isn't the first time I've made a mistake with coffee).

My attempt at being healthy, followed by..

SO GOOD SO GOOD. Even if you're just popping in for a coffee I would highly recommend it! Orchard Central is actually really really cool and somewhere I don't go to enough but whenever I do I'm just reminded about how much I love it. They have some really awesome shops and promotions, etc etc etc... just.. go check it out, ok?

It was a little pricey, but the portions are big. We shared between the three of us and had so much left over (luckily I only ordered half a salad, ey ;)). Oops, awkward double chin bracket. I would go and try their main dishes as a lot of the stuff in the bakery is provided by different stores around Singapore - which is kinda cool too. I haven't been to a few of them so it was nice that they had gotten what (I assume) is the best and put it all in one place!

My sister is back this week so it's deffinately an excuse to go back and try some more. So if you're like me and need an excuse to indulge.. make one now and get down to Orchard Central for some seriously yummy stuff!



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