14 July 2012

Ziggy & Singlet - Behind the scenes

WAHOO! A little feature in Ziggy magazine and a feature and cover on Singlet magazine!

Oh hey there, Miss Think-a-lot

I had so much fun doing the shoot! Chuck Reyes (the amazing photographer) and I actually met a long, long time ago on a shoot when I was about.. 14? He took one of my most beloved photos at that time in a teen vogue inspired shoot (do you recognise me? hehe). I'm a huge fan of his camera skills.

ANYWAY. So I walked through the door and there he was! I hadn't seen him in years! I think we both exchanged the same reactions and hugs and stories were exchanged. It was really, really nice.

Hair and makeup for the shoot

The whole shoot was really fun, vibrant and playful!

Apart from my ultra cool shorts, all the clothes came from Topshop and being a HUGE fan of pastel, I was in love.

Having fun on set with my many "WAIT I CAN MAKE THIS JUMP LOOK OK" shots.

Eager to see the results

The shoot was so relaxed and natural. I really had such a good time on set.

SO MUCH LOVE for the neon jacket. Ohh yes.

Ziggy Feature

Tada! The result of many a jump take! Singlet magazine is avaliable in Singtel stores and Ziggy in these places. Grab a copy and let me know what you think of the feature!


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  1. Wow you're gorgeous! How many hours do you work out a day? Your body is fab! xx


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