12 July 2012

My Week In Clothes

Hihi! So some of you were asking if I could upload a few photos of what I wore during the week so I decided while I'm nursing my food hangover (don't laugh, apparently it's a real term) I thought I'd take the time to show you some outfits!

SORRY I completely forgot to take photos of all of them but I did try my hardest - honest! This may get harder once I'm off my song writing break and back in the recording studio come friday (SO EXCITED!). OKAY, back to the clothes..

I LOVE FLORAL DRESSES - Dress from FredFlare.

Top from FEMMEX (I got mine at the Cineleisure outlet), Shorts from a corner store in Barcelona, Gold Converse.

Dress from Motel.

Top from the top floor of Orchard Central (from a blogshop, but the tag says DIVIDED by H&M), Shorts from corner store in Barcelona, Platforms from Steve Madden.

Top from Guess (Got mine from the Paragon outlet).

Playsuit from Lipsy.

Top from Forever New in Wisma Atria!

Playsuit from River Island.

Top and jeans from GUESS, Jacket from a street market.

Playsuit from Lipsy.

I guess everyone knows different items and cuts that really work for them. I ADORE playsuits. Love love love love love. Can't get enough of them. They're fun, playful, no fuss with what to pair it with as its an outfit in itself - perfect when you're in a rush (which is me most of the time)! They bring out my waist which I love as well.

I know I say this almost every post but.. sorry I'm not too good with this whole blogging thing. I'm a singer not a blogger - I just blog for fun and to keep you guys updated! I'll do a little blog later on about my recent foodie adventures if anyones keen, hehe. When I'm feeling less, er, ill. BRINGING NEW MUSIC OUT SOON SO WATCH THIS SPACE! Thank you all for your continued support - you know you mean the world to me <3.



  1. Hi Ming, just being curious, how many hours of sleep do you get on average? Since your so busy and stuffs. And what do you do to stay awake if your feeling sleepy/tired in the day?

  2. Anon: Tea and lots of water! Even if I sleep late my body naturally wakes me up very very early as I'm used to being pretty busy so I think its just adjusted to my schedule! Being healthy and exercising helps!

  3. Little Black Dress Shop20 July 2012 at 09:01

    Hi Ming! Think you look gorgeous! And was wondering if you would be interested to pick a couple of stash from our wardrobe? Just a small mention of us will be nice for exchange... ;)


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