03 July 2012

Summer Staples

So a few of you have been saying that you want a little peak into my wardrobe (heaven knows why, must have gotten something right!). I thought I'd try out a little post on what my top 5 favourite fashion staples are this summer (and where I got some of mine from). I'll try my best to post things that are still recent if you want to match my style and get the same thing! Fun fun. So here it is, my personal view on this summers must haves!

Top and shorts from Zara, Envelope Clutch from ASOS.

 IMPORTANT NOTE: I go for 'quality not quantity' when I'm shopping. I don't mind spending money on something I'm going to wear everyday as oposed to buying lots of things and wearing them once. My rule of thumb when shopping is always ONLY BUY IT IF YOU WOULD RATHER WEAR IT THAN WHAT YOU'RE WEARING AT THE MOMENT. Why buy an outfit if you'd rather wear what you already have on?

1. The Envelope Clutch

I don't really know how to sell these without coming on too strong. I LOVE MY ENVELOPE CLUTCH! I love clutches in general but theres something about these big but simple accessories that compliments the pastel coloured palette this season so well!

BEST BUY: There are so many clutches on the market and about a zillion trillion to choose from on ASOS. To get one of my favourite ones (shown above) click here.

2. Pastel Coloured Jeans

All the rage at the moment in England. In fact, probably almost everywhere and I can see why! These are so cute, so adorable and so vibrant! It adds so much colour to a boring outfit and looks amazing with blouses and a white T. I really like the soft pastel approach as it adds colour without it coming on too strong. The only big problem I find with jeans is getting the right cut.

I found all these on TOPSHOP today which means they are online and available as we speak!

BEST BUY: The ones my sister and I are wearing in the photo above and I feature in the 4 photos at the top are from GUESS. Our family suffers from finding good fitting jeans so when one of us makes a discovery (mum in this case, woohoo!) we immediately share our good fortune (meaning we now all own the same pair of jeans, which gets a bit awkward when we all decide to wear them at the same time... OH WELL). Further more, they are cheaper in Singapore than in London! What are you waiting for! SO worth it, trust me.

3. Crochet Shorts

I love, I love, I love, I love, I love. I wanted these for so long. SO long. My wait came to an end when I crossed paths with my perfect pair through the window pane of a Zara store in Spain. And in Spain Zara is the cheapest in the world, major plus points. They go so well with pastel blouses.

Source: Fancy

BEST BUY: My best buy is from Zara but with the beauty of online shopping, you can find different variations of these little beauties all over the net!

4. Floral and Pastel Blouses

J'adore! It doesn't take me ages to get ready. One of the things I love the most about blouses is how they effortlessly make someone look sophisticated and fashionable and at the same time are so hassle-free, comfortable and compliment other items so easily! I can't get enough of them! They're my 'go-to' with a pair of shorts when I'm in a hurry. Anyway, I selected a few from my closet (didn't really know how to go about doing this so I hope this is ok!).

L to R: FEMMEX, GUESS, Forever New, FEMMEX

L to R: Bardot, FEMMEX, Supre, H! By Henry Holland

BEST BUY: Probably where you least expect it. A lot of my favourite blouses are bought in markets and random little shops that I come across by chance and fall in love with. HAVING SAID THAT, most stores such as Zara and Guess have a pretty damn good collection for the summer. FEMMEX have the most beautiful floral pieces this season too.

5. Nude shoes

All that colour has gotta go along with something, right!? These babies have been my favourites for a long time and I can't think of anything thats gonna change that anytime soon. I wear my nude flats everyday. The best investment I've ever made.

I also have a pair of nude heels that I wear mostly every night out, not just because they go with everything but also because their the most comfortable shoes I own. Out of everything, most of my shopping money go on shoes. I can't buy cheap shoes, walk around uncomfortably in them and watch them break a month later. I think my Nude heels from Stuart Weitzman are the most expensive pair of shoes I own, the most comfortable, and have lasted me the longest. You can imagine how excited I was when I went into Stuart Weitzman today and saw that these beautiful nude platforms were ON SALE and the last piece in my size. Someone up there must really like me.

The shoes above: Strappy platforms from ALDO, Platforms from Stuart Weitzman and flats from Miu Miu (there are loads of other brands but I wear these everyday and they've lasted me the longest, I even go on hikes in them as well as perform in them.. errr).

BEST BUY: My sister has an amazing pair from Charles and Keith, Aldo do great ones, Office, ASOS - click hereBut I would seriously seriously recommend on top of everything that if you're going to splurge, get a really good pair of nudes. They go with everything AND make your legs look longer. Got it?

Top from FEMMEX

Phew, and there you have it! My top 5 this summer! Of course there are other things such as summer jackets, denim shorts, playsuits, summer dresses (ahhh summer dresses), cardigans, pretty skirts, pastel shoes.. I promise I'll post more outfits! This is my first time doing something like this so I'd really appreciate the feed back if you'd like more of these types of posts!

Coffee runs towards me with her lead still on demanding for attention and then looks all grumpy for the photos!
Ming xx



  1. Love this post. Please do a outfit shot of what you wear daily, every week or so? Just a question where did you get the black bodycon skirt which you paired w theFemmex floral top? What type of workouts do you do? You're legs are to die for!!!! So slander and longgggg *envy* (:

  2. hello! how much r the Guess jeans? which outlet did u get themfrom? reallly lovely~ thanks.

  3. omg absolutely love your blog posts! Please do such fashion posts as often as possible, every week if you're free! hahaha but thats pretty impossible since your a busy woman! but just post as often as you can. we're all interested in your blog posts! :)

  4. hi ming, i have a question to ask you about shoes. Do you usually keep your shoes in your wardrobe or in a shoe cabinet at the doorstep of your home? And if you do keep your shoes in your wardrobe in your room, do you place any sheets underneath them to prevent the base of your shoes from dirtying your wardrobe? How do you go about keeping your shoes after wearing them? As it gets dirty after walking in them right?

  5. a post on the facial products you swear by? and some tips on your skin care please? your complexion so good. flawless :)

  6. A + abby: Thank you so much for the feedback! I will try my best to post more about what I love to wear! The black skirt is from Bardot in Australia but there are many similar ones on ASOS! I also exercise everyday! I will do a post about it if you're interested :)Gina: I got the GUESS jeans at the Ion outlet but the other day I saw them at taka!Nina: Hi! Usually I just keep all my shoes under my desk in a neat line! I also have a plastic shoe holder that I slot my heels into! I just wipe them down if they get dirty!Lin: Aw thank you so much, will def look into doing one for you! :)

  7. Yup sure please do a post on your workouts! Thanks a lot for the reply! :)

  8. How much do you normally spend on clothes? Like is there a limit whereby you wont pay more than that for an item?

  9. Hi Ming, I have a backless dress but idk how I should go about wearing it! When you do wear backless dresses, do you wear adhesive bra? Or just bras with the straps taken out? What about when wearing tubes? I always can't find a good way to pair a tube! Thanks a lot for your help! Soz if it's a little too personal!

  10. joey: It really depends. I don't go shopping a lot and I only buy something if I really like it! JJ: Yes, stick on bras are amazing! Definitely them!

  11. I really like this post a lot!!!! Would love to read more of such posts :)


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