04 July 2012

The Chihuly Lounge

So we've been planning this little tea date for over a month now. A MONTH to meet these gorgeous girls for a quick catch up while we were finally in the same country as one another and our schedules didn't clash (although having said that we had to change this date quite a few times).

FINALLY TOGETHER! Jamie, Jeri and Cherlyn I've known since acting in R.E.M - The Next Generation when I was 15 and Amelia I met when I had just turned 14 in my first runway fashion show (where I also first met Jamie - guess we couldn't stay away from each other!). It was so nice to catch up while we were all in town and whats funner than indulging in gossip and scrumptious goodies. BEHOLD - THE SUMMER WEEKEND AFTERNOON TEA AT THE CHIHULY LOUNGE (at The Ritz-Carlton). It was my first time there and I've got to say, pretty damn impressive.

Let's just say I ate more than my fair share of treats.. but who could resist I mean, look at them!

My dessert plate.. and then times it by two (not even joking..). And that was only the eclairs..

We had been highly anticipating a huge (we are hungry people) array of food to scoff down. You can imagine our suprise when we first walked in and found a little buffet of finger food. BUT it really was quality over quantity. Gob-smakingly good. A bit pricey but definitely worth it. Especially as its all you can eat. AND you get as many pots of tea as you want. Well, you get one. But as soon as you finish you can order a different pot of tea each time - so cute!

Another dessert table

Yum yum yum.

Yes I went round like a mad person taking photos of each one on display that day - appreciate!

To my dismay, no gummy bear eclair! But it was alright, I was too full after round two to have taken in anymore anyway! They were all really nice except I found the purple one a little too strong (no idea what it was but they're all worth a try - I'd suggest sharing!). My fav's were the mango and passionfruit (the yellow one) and the lemon meringue (the green one with little swirlies).

We'd been planning the occasion for a month and had gotten so overly excited about it. It's so fun planning and being able to get excited about things. I love being excited and happy (as I'm sure most people do, hehe). Everything should be excting! I had such a good time.

The Summer Weekend Afternoon Tea runs from the 2nd June to 26th August 2012 if I'm not wrong on the weekends from 2:30 to 5pm and is $48 dollars per person! Would I say its worth it? HELL YES!

And for those asking about the days outfit choice..

Floral top is from FEMMEX (I picked mine up at the Cineleisure outlet) and the bodycon skirt is from Bardot.

(Top three photos credited to the amazing Jerilyn and her amazing camera! The rest were via my little iphone cam!)

The Chihuly Lounge - Summer Weekend Afternoon Tea
The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
7 Raffles Avenue
+65 6434 5283
Weekends: 2:30 - 5pm


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