16 July 2012

Foodie Adventures (Singapore) - COLD STONE BABY

Ok so saying this is one of the most amazing things I've ever tasted in my life would be the understatement of the year. IT IS THAT GOOD. And that bad for you too. BUT HOW CAN YOU RESIST!?

My faaaaaaaavourite. Will tell you more about it in a sec..

 Having said that, when my stomach was about the burst from my cousins reunion korean BBQ dinner I did not object when everyone decided they wanted to pop to Orchard Central for a cup of Cold Stone Creamery Icecream. Nope, not even a peep could escape my lips. The fact is, I was reaaaally full. Like, really really. But ice cream is one of those rare things where you can still eat it even if you're full (unless you're one of those annoying people who can actually stop - I'm extremely jealous). LETS MOVE ON.

Always a huge queue after dinner (but so worth it, trust me)


There goes my baby..

Pah, they gave me 2 spoons. Like I'm going to share.

Tada! Without fail I always order - Cotton Candy Icecream with brownie, graham cracker (pie crust), white chocolate chips and marshmellows. My sister gets oreo's instead of white chocolate chips but aurgh, so so so so so good! They have other creations too that I'm dying to try! They all look amazing.

ANYWAY. I just haaaaaad to upload a post showing you my ultimate favourite creation. AND I'm expecting you to tell me yours too so that I have an excuse to go back and try it!

It's just so delicious I can't even begin to explain. While eating it I genuinely thought "I could grow fat on this and I would just be so happy". So there you have it, right from a girls own lips. It's worth aaaaaallll that.

I did feel a little bad after, I mean, I didn't even need it but then I realised the last time I had indulged in this gorgeous creation was 5 months ago, and the feeling was replaced with "5 MONTHS AGO!?!?". My sister has said she wants to come at least twice before she goes back to England.

Not objecting. I'm going back for this little beauty.

See you there?

P.S. It's located on the ground floor of Orchard Central, you can't miss it!


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