28 June 2012


Seems fitting. Actually, I've never seen the video before but I love the song <3


Ok so I know we went to Beijing first. But we had a little side trip on the side to Dalian for another gig which was pretty exciting. Ok, VERY exciting. It was my first time to Dalian and I honestly didn't know what to expect except the promise of very yummy seafood!

Soundcheck at Roosevelt Centre

The place was HUMONGOUS!! Looked seriously cool. Made a mental note to come back and have a little shop if I had the time. It's been so long since I've actually been able to go shopping without an agenda - those times are the best! ANYWAY.

FOOD TIME! We were brought to this place where the specialty was ... fish in ... oil? I was slightly confused. Especially as we had the exact same dish the night before in Beijing (will post).

CUTE! Apparently this is normal as well but nothing I've ever seen before!

My first experience watching these live crayfish be poured into a bowl and then have steaming water thrusted upon them. They went crazy! (obviously). I didn't even have time to react I just looked away immediately, I was so shocked!! I felt really bad after but the lady taking care of us tried to comfort me by saying "I felt the same too, until I realised how delicious they were" hahaha. I touched a bit of hers and that was it for me.

The fish in the one below! In Beijing we were given some bread to soak some of the oil off with but here it was 'au naturel' as it gets. Goodbye health diet.

DAY 2. Getting ready for the Mall Opening!

Me trying to keep chilled while this was going on..

CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY! I didn't even realise I had any fans at all in China let alone Dalian! Literally SUCH an honour to be able to sing for all of you and have your support. You guys were so amazing and so sweet and welcoming.

Awkwardly suprised by the bubble machine. It was a good awkward, though. As good as those get.

Super happy with my balloon! 2 fans ran on to the stage, one during my first song to give me flowers and one in another to give me balloons. I really want to say that it was very, very sweet of you. I honestly didn't know how to react! I never expected it! It was very brave and very kind but you guys just showing up already means the world to me. Your support makes me feel so happy and I'm so grateful that I get to perform for people and make them smile too.

Suprise number two! SO COOL.

HOW CRAZY IS THIS!! You guys are so amazing!

I love flowers. I really, really do. Thank you guys for these, they were so beautiful! I was skipping all the way home (the only way one can in heels, with a lot of skill and dignity, hahaha).

BUT BEFORE, we were, again, suprised and invited to a big lunch by Roosevelt Centre.

And you see my health diet slip more and more into oblivion.. YUM YUM YUM. After lunch we had a little time before the flight back to Beijing so I asked if I could possibly go back and have a look around the mall. They had just opened a new section below called T-Zone which was pretty sa-weeeeet.

Maybe because of these!

So cute!

Everything had a very 'hip' vibe and the atmosphere was very colourful.

I got offered a free health smoothie and for once took up the opportunity (I was sold at the word 'health') and was handed the most delicious mango smoothie.

And did I mention the super cute straw?

It doesn't take much to please a girl, especially a girly one. Its the simple things I guess! 

Sorry I've been so bad with the updates, I hope my blogging skills are good enough with these little journal posts! Let me know more about what you want to hear! It's all for you!

Lots of love,
Ming xx


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