28 September 2012

Foodie Adventures (London) - Abodo

Healthy, fresh and Mexican are just a few of my favourite words. Adobo is a fast food Mexican restaurant with a mission 'to provide the capital's hungry hordes with the best burritos money can buy' with 'fresh, healthy, ethically-sourced fast casual' Mexican food. Sounds good to me!

Low fat. Check. No processed nonsense. Check. What is this fast food place!?

My favourite thing about Abodo (other than how healthy it is) would have to be the fact that you can customise your meal and get to chose exactly what you want inside. In fact, they're currently working on getting a calorie counter sorted out as well! THEY EVEN HAVE BROWN RICE! I swear most places seem to only have brown rice if they're vegetarian (no idea why?) - I'm so happy even fast food places are becoming more health conscious!

(I have invested in a new camera - just FYI - the pictures will get better I promise!)

I opted for the salad box, brown rice, fajita, grilled chicken, salsa mexicana (not so good with the hot stuff..) with (of course) extra extra extra guacamole, oh and some cheese! My partner in crime went with the burrito.

Look at him go - if that doesn't say how good it was I don't know what does

This is their first store (situated near Holborn tube station) but they're looking into opening more and I can't wait! I love how many healthy fast food places are opening up - its so exciting! Can't wait to check out more.

Look them up here


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