27 September 2012

Ming's Mandarin - Home

Me and my new lipstick pen - classy

I was thinking of what vocab to learn today when I wandered into the kitchen and realized – what is kitchen in mandarin!? What is laundry room? LETS FIND OUT SHALL WE :D (You can tell I am so excited for today’s lesson).



For any beginners reading:
1.     Home 家 jia
2.     Room/Bedroom 房间 fang jian / 卧房 wo fang
3.     Bathroom 浴室 yu shi
4.     Toilet 洗手间 xi shou jian

…. Ok, now to learn the rest

For the pro students: – me (google translater approved)

5.     House 房子 fang zi
6.     Apartment 公寓 gong yu (that means condo, which can lso be used for apartment)
7.     Living Room 客厅 ke ting
8.     Dining Room 饭厅 fan ting
9.     Kitchen 厨房 chu fang
10. Garage 车库 che ku
11. Laundry Room 洗衣房 xi yi fang
12. Games Room 游戏室 you xi shi
13. TV Room 电视房 dian shi fang
14. Guest Room 客房 ke fang
15. Study 书房 shu fang
16. Car Park 停车场 ting che chang
17. Lobby 前厅 qian ting (but people usually just use lobby)
18. Balcony 阳台 yang tai

PHRASES (That I can see myself needing to use..)

1. Do you have a spare room? 请问你有多余的房间吗?qing wen ni you duo yu de fang jian ma?
2. Where is your kitchen? 请问你的厨房在哪里? qing wen ni de chu fang zai na li?
3. Can I use your toilet? 请问我能用洗手间吗? qing wen wo neng yong xi shou jian ma?
4. You have a beautiful house 你有一个很漂亮的房子 ni you yi ge hen piao liang de fang zi
5. How many rooms do you have? 你有几个房间呢? ni you ji ge fang jian ne?
6. Which floor do you live on? 你住在哪一层楼?ni zhu zai na yi cen lou?

Phew, hard lesson for me. Ok, zai jian!


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