21 September 2012

Ming's Mandarin - Fruit Factors

Does this make one look smarter?

Mum has now decided that I have to start blogging about my mandarin progress so that she can check that I’m ACTUALLY learning something (but this could be fun, I learn a bit, you learn a bit.. you know, half the stress?) so I’m starting this little ‘Ming’s Mandarin’ section. We’ll see how this goes.

TODAY'S CLASS AGENDA (lets start slow, shall we? Focused towards me remember..)

VOCAB (I’m crap with fruit and this is a good reminder)

For any beginners reading:                         
1.  Fruit 水果 shui guo
2. Fruit Juice 果汁 guo zhi
3. Apple 萍果 pinguo
4. Orange 橙 cheng
5. Banana香蕉 xiang jiao
6. Strawberry/Blueberries 草莓 Cao  Mei / 蓝莓 lan mei

For the pro students: – me (DW I google translate checked)

7. Papaya 木瓜 mu gua
8. Watermelon 西瓜 xi gua
9. Kiwi 奇异果 qi yi guo
10. Pineapple 凤梨 feng li
11. Rock Melon 哈密瓜 ha mi gua
12 Pear 梨子 li zi
13. Raspberries 山莓 shan mei
14. Avocado 鳄梨 e li
15. Mango 芒果 mang guo
16. Peach 桃子 tao zi
17. Lychee  荔枝 li zhi
18. Durian 榴莲 liu lian

PHRASES (That I can see myself needing to use..)
1. Can I order a fruit salad? 我想点一份水果沙拉 wo xiang dian yi fen shui guo sha la
2. What type of fruit juices do you have? 请问你们有什么类型的果汁 qing wen ni men you she me lei xing de guo zhi
3. Where can I find a fruit market? 请问我能在哪里找到水果市场 qing wen wo neng zai na li zhao dao shui guo shi chang
4. Does this supermarket have any (e.g. blueberries)? 请问这个超市(short for 超级市场 chao ji shi chang)有没有.........(eg.蓝莓)qing wen zhe ge chao shi you mei you..
5. My favourite smoothie is strawberry and banana  我最喜欢的是草莓和香蕉冰沙 wo zui xi huan de shi cao mei he xiang jiao bing sha
6. I don’t eat durian 我不吃榴莲 wo bu chi liu lian 
Xia ke! Ming tian jian!



  1. this is such a cute post! and yes i read everything and i'm impressed (: X

  2. hahaha you're so cute! I salute to you because I'm a Chinese but I can't even write out some of those fruits in Chinese. awesome job Ming! :)


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