20 September 2012

Paris, with love

Got the chance to go to Paris for a few days and as per usual I made a list of a bajillion things to do (and I still have a bajillion things I want to do) and my company laid back and took over with the one thing I can’t deal with – directions.

You will save so much money and come on, you can walk/tube absolutely everywhere. Get those legs working! (I love the metro signs, don’t they look so gothic chic?)

But that goes without saying for any foreign country you find yourself encountering. I don’t know about you but I lurveeeee food and it's always so exciting to go to a foreign supermarket and browse unfamiliar items that you couldn’t get at home. Its a chance to get proper local souvenirs (not touristy ones) which you can eat and enjoy instead of leave around the house once you get back (you know, all those key rings..). 

I’m such a sucker for cute packaging!

Pasta in a box!?!

Avenue des Champs-Élysées

Everyone goes see the huge Louis Vuitton, its like a must in Parii! This street is hustling and bustling with tourists and can get very, very pricey but is definitely worth the trip as it is a gorgeous street and you can cross off a lot of things on your list while you’re here - PAUL, Laduree, French cinema, Arc de Triomphe, etc etc)

Laduree heaven

Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile

So. Beautiful. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get to this little island in the middle of the road once we realised there was no proper form of crossing. 20 minutes later we stumbled upon a (very, er hidden..) underground passage. Doh.

Notre-Dame de Paris

No words. Gorgeous. Breathtaking. Do you think if I find a guy who attends services there I could get married in there? I think the whole Singapore could come to my service hehehe.

L’Entrecote de Paris

One of my ultimate favourite restaurants in London is called Le Relais de Venise. They serve you the most amazing walnut salad, then meat and fries, then more meat and fries, smothered in the most fattening gorgeous mindblowing sauce known to man kind. Then, once you’re rolling on your bellies, they watch you burst trying to shove down the beautiful mouthwatering chocolate desserts. They had a sister restaurant in Paris. Unfortunately, we were so hungry that when we saw this one we assumed that this was it. The food was still gorgeous, and we were still very very happy but we had apparently missed the one we were going for (the original) by a few metres. Oops! Still a gorgeous meal though!

Effiel Tower

Ok this is a tricky one. If you want to go see the Effiel tower I would 100% reccomend going to the Trocadéro metro station. It holds the best view of the Effiel tower and makes for amazing photographs (and its only a 5 minute walk away from here). I had a ball of a time seeing it in all its glory and eating from all the vendors around the station and was ready to move on but my company insisted on walking down to the tower and, not wait in the huge line for the lifts up, oh no, they wanted to WALK UP THE EFFIEL TOWER. “Come on Ming, I thought you said you were really fit now!”. Me and my big mouth.

View from the middle

Surprisingly... not too bad! It was a lot cheaper, we didn’t have to wait in line and I felt like I’d burnt off most of my breakfast!

Come on - It had to be done

The Lourve

The Mona Lisa is like, really tiny. And it’s in such a big room. I found this very funny. I find it very mind boggeling how this painting is so famous. I personally like to think that she is smiling (optimism is one of my strong points I guess). Beautiful art work though, I love museums. If you’re thinking of going there check out the timings before as there are certain deals you may be able to grab such as Friday nights being free for people under the age of 26! 

Tuileries Garden

A beautiful garden placed between the Lourve Museum and the Place de la Concorde. THEY HAD A FUN FAIR! It was (obviously) SO MUCH FUN! Beautiful park, beautiful day - what more could one ask for? We grabbed a bite to eat at PAUL (a delicious mozerella and tomato pesto sandwich I might add - yum yum yum) and an ice cream. 

Not the most attractive picture but it will do

Walking down the street opposite the garden you soon realise that the area houses a lot of amazing stores as well. We managed to fit in some escargot (you can’t come to france without consuming some sort of frenchy food!) and some yummy cookies. We also got some macaroons from Piere Herme and looked in Angelina (which supposedly houses the best hot chocolate in paris!).

Shakespeare and Company

I have to be completely honest and say I had never heard of this place up until my (very intellectual) companion perked up about really wanting to go. IT WAS SUCH A COOL BOOKSTORE. I’d def recommend anyone who has a love of books making the trip there. It turned out to be pretty famous too. We got a bit lost but had no problem asking for directions. They had a huge selection of books and recommendations by people working there with cute little write ups. They even packs of 3 books you could purchase as summer reads - such a good idea!

(Confession) Followed some really cool looking guy who did it first

Marché Richard Lenoir 

We were fortunate to be in Paris over the weekend and therefore had the luxury on sunday morning of picking from one of the many markets to go to. Being the big foodies we are we settled on going to the sunday market at Boulevard Richard Lenoir. We picked up a crepe and a few bits and bobs for breakfast (and for lunch..). I LOVE CHEESE. My companion wasn’t very impressed when I announced that I’d be buying brie, camembert and various other goodies to travel back with me to London for my family (they’re a little smelly but I don’t know what everyone's complaining about – it’s a heavenly smell!). The people were very nice. I like nothing better than buying a huge ripe peach from a fruit stall and the kind man gave me 2 extras for free! Sweetheart.

Jardin du Luxembourg

One of (if not) the most beautiful gardens I've ever seen. My photos really don't do it any justice whatsoever. You can even buy little boats to play with in the middle of the pond! So beautiful. Filled with people who (like us) had gone to the market and bought lunch to have in the park. Couples lazing around, families laughing and sharing food, women doing yoga in the park. They say that they even do Antoinette style plays once in a while on the grounds (Will definitely have to check up on that next time!)

Bread, hummus and cheese - yes please.

The train trip came all too soon (although I absolutely adore train journeys). If you’re going to go to Paris, it is definitely worth getting the upgrade and having a meal on board the Eurostar (we found it was cheaper upgrading at the train station than buying online surprisingly). Look at our cute little meals!

Until next time, Paris. x


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  1. Looks like you had a great time. Lovely photos, Ming. You look a treat.


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